The Role of Social Media in Today’s Leadership Culture


By Ana Margarita Olar,

Social media brought new opportunities to converse, gather knowledge and build relationships but executives’ sees it as another platform to learn instead of a personal toolbox for improving their practice of leadership.
Here are the roles of social media in today’s leadership culture:

1. Build Trust

Using social media to influence people cannot work without building trust. Establishing credibility through social media networks can be tough at first; but, the efforts will be worth it. The web provides you with different media for you to share expertise. You can do this by giving “value”. This can be in the form of articles, blogs, tips, and question and answer topics. This value can be also designed to teach, entertain, and start a discussion. Social can help you let the people feel that they can trust you.

2. Build your Brand

As people started to visit your website or social network sites for information; it will be easier to build your brand. You can take advantage of what this media has to offer. You can start with the appearance of your website and platform like the color, font size and styles that you always use so people will easily remember you. You can also choose your tone. This can help you stand out and build a strong brand.

3. Build your Voice

You can share your thoughts once or twice; but, social media can amplify your message to reach further. Imagine the impact of uploading your speeches in YouTube, sharing tweets, and posting positive reminders on Facebook. Social media plays a major role in building your influence and voice.

4. Build Feedback Platform

If the people knew that they can reach out to your company through social media; it will provide you great opportunity for building larger reach. Conversation with people opens channel for asking questions. It is an opportunity to understand people. Don’t be afraid of complaints. In fact, as people see how you handle complaints can build more trusts.

5. Build your Network

A great way to build a network is to let people feel that you care about them. Social media networks can help you show that you are more concern to serve than to earn. You can do this by building applications, daily contents, videos, contents, sweepstakes, and infographics. As people share your social media’s activities; you are expanding your network too.

Leadership is about influence. Take advantage of what social media has to offer in today’s leadership culture.