The Must-Have’s for a Real Estate Appraiser

Real Estate Appraiser
Image source: | The Must-Have’s for a Real Estate Appraiser | The work of a real estate appraiser is to see that all the needs regarding the paperwork for the land and the property they are evaluating. They need to keep a check on every aspect of the assessment, starting right from the mortgage, taxes, or insurance. It is fair within the boundaries of his work to make sure that the parties involved in the buying and selling of the property are not at any analytical losses with the valuation of the land and the property. 


The primary work of a real estate appraiser is to visit the property and to inquire about all the property-related aspects like the recent developments, the foot area, and the other specifications that would be taken into consideration for the analysis. The real estate appraiser can also conduct a formal appraisal for the property. This shall be done before the taxes and the mortgages come into the picture. The appraiser should evaluate the property based on market prices and on-going rates and values. The property ratings are done internally as well as externally and after considering all the aspects of it, it is made sure that the values for the land and the property are cited. 

A real estate appraiser has to have more of a holistic approach to the specifications of his job. He has to have a more inclusive approach between the client and a market and a more 360-degree outlook on the valuation of the property that he makes. The work description of a real estate appraiser is not singular.


There are certain works of a real estate appraiser that are more useful and beneficial than the other, but all of them form an important working aspect of a real estate appraiser. These work specifications of a real estate appraiser are as follows:

  • Companies like Conduct an overall evaluation of the property and land, based on the market rates and values. 
  • Make sure the evaluation is made using internal and external sources to reach an accurate figure.
  • Formally appraise the property before it is taxed, insured, sold, or mortgaged.
  • Make sure that the recent developments of any kind on the land or property are taken into consideration. 
  • Examine the site thoroughly by visiting it.
  • Take into account all the variables of the property for evaluation based on present and future value.
  • Also make a note of the previous sales records, the future developments and compare the home sales.
  • Prepare the reports that have a full analyzed report for the assessment of the property. Also, suggest the methods and ways of understanding it.
  • Make a backup for the document and send the original one to the client.
  • Take into consideration all the necessary market data and on-going trends in the real estate market.

These are the major functions of the real estate appraiser. But it does not end here. There are certain duties and responsibilities that they are bound to follow in fulfilling these. The major part of their work cannot be kept to singular approaches. The work of an appraiser requires a very precise and immaculate analysis of the property. Along with it, it also requires that up to date knowledge of the market trends and policies regarding the real estate industry. Only then can the evaluation be considered as one of the most effective and accurate.

Also, there must be the inculcation of all the present and the future values in the evaluation of the property before the taxes, insurance, and mortgage come into the picture. 


As far as the roles and responsibilities are concerned, it is also necessary that the evaluator has great communication skills. There is a must for enhanced and accurate writing and communicating skills along with strong analytical and research skills. It is a must for an appraiser to have them to make a thorough report of the data that he has gathered from the site visits and other sources.

Moreover, he should be familiar with the current industry’s regulations and trends of the real estate industry so that the appraiser can bring out the most benefits for the clients. Also, he must certainly be a licensed and certified appraiser.


Thus, the work of an appraiser is not singular in nature. It has to have a broad outlook on all the workings of the industry and market of real estate. It is only when he is fit for all these criteria that he can be considered as a reliable and accurate real estate appraiser.