The Most Valued Jobs Throughout the Pandemic 

The Most Valued Jobs Throughout the Pandemic jobs for teens

The Most Valued Jobs Throughout the Pandemic | The coronavirus pandemic came with a lot of problems, including a huge loss of jobs around the world as multiple sectors such as hospitality, travel, and tourism were shut down. In the face of such a huge number of redundancies, people were forced to look for alternate work, which has led to a large increase in some sectors as some roles are more accessible than others.

This article will consider which jobs have seen the least redundancies and the largest uptake throughout the pandemic, resulting in a list of some of the most valued jobs throughout COVID-19. 


This goes without saying, doesn’t it? Though there were a lot of nurses that operated in elected fields who were either let go or put on unpaid leave, the majority have been crucial components in ensuring the safety of hundreds of thousands of people across the world. 


Though a lot of teachers struggled to adjust to teaching online classes, most of them still remained at work and got paid. Only 2% of all teachers reported an actual loss of income due to the pandemic. Of course, this could be due to the fact that teachers don’t make huge incomes as it is; however, generally speaking, if there was any reduction it was due to them being cut overall as opposed to completely eliminated.  

Overall, the number of redundancies in this profession didn’t get worse throughout the pandemic, making teaching one of the most secure jobs. Not to mention, the adjustments they had to make to ensure children were still getting an education makes it one of the most valued too. 

Delivery Driver 

As the high streets closed, people were forced to shop online for all things essential and leisure-related. Online sites saw a huge increase in intake, including Amazon, which had a record-breaking year in 2020. 

We have never needed delivery drivers more than we did throughout the pandemic. This profession saw a large increase given it is an accessible profession and also because of the way a lot of the jobs work. 

Take Shiply, for example, where drivers are provided with jobs via a load board that they can apply for and take up whenever suits them best. This means that it’s easy for organizations to use delivery drivers and easy for delivery drivers to find work. 

Corporate Employee 

Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses were forced to close down; however, workers at large multinational corporations had more financial stability. Thanks to the utilization of online call and messaging apps such as Zoom, meetings could continue virtually as employees made the switch to working from home. 

Though there was an initial dip, which was seen in May 2020, by March 2021, employment levels picked up as revenues recovered to pre-COVID levels. 


The legal world saw a massive increase in activity as many people started buying homes, starting new businesses and sadly, filed for bankruptcy. This is a clear representation of the fact that through the good times and the bad, many things come and go but one of the constants is lawyers.