The Most Interesting Eco-Friendly Interior Design Trends in 2021

The Most Interesting Eco-Friendly Interior Design Trends
Image source: | The Most Interesting Eco-Friendly Interior Design Trends in 2021 | As we grow increasingly aware of how much impact our own actions can have on the environment, we tend to make sure that our interior design choices reflect that. In an effort to make our contribution to preserving nature and its resources, many of us turn to sustainable materials and eco-friendly solutions when decorating our homes, without compromising on the appeal of the décor we opt for. Fortunately, you too can have the best of both worlds. Here are some phenomenal ideas to inspire you.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Not unlike any other sphere of our lives, interior design in 2021 has definitely been influenced by the 2020 pandemic. Since most of us had to stay inside our homes for most of 2020, we certainly learned to appreciate every tiny green patch we could see. This is why one of the most common decorative elements this year are plants. Whether your preference are small plants with colorful flowers, or the huge, green, lush leafy ones in enormous pots, you simply can’t go wrong, as long as the size of the plant fits your living space and doesn’t disturb you while you perform your everyday activities. If your balcony or porch is big enough, you can plant a whole range of plants, and if you lack space, you can create a vertical garden and still get your infusion of green every day, even if you’re stuck indoors.

Rely on Natural Materials

It isn’t enough to simply go out and get a wooden closet anymore. It’s extremely important where the wood comes from. This is something you need to enquire about, so that you know that whatever piece of furniture you’re buying is made of sustainable materials. In 2021, people will pick stone, metal and anything else that’s natural, rather than plastic or other polymers, as these are certainly something to avoid. When it comes to rugs, they’re very important, being that they’re much more than mere decorative elements, but they also insulate your home. That’s why you should look for the ones made of natural fiber, wool, jute, cotton or hemp. Fortunately, there are companies that accept their responsibility in protecting the environment and offer beautiful premium rugs made of precisely these materials, so that you don’t have to settle for anything less.

Repurpose and Upcycle

Another efficient way to keep your home eco-friendly is to reuse something you’ve had for a long time, but you want it replaced. A good way to make the best of such items is to repurpose or upcycle them into something new. For example, you can take a shabby old dresser, repaint it, add wheels to it and turn it into a kitchen island. Similarly, once your children overgrow their crib, you can remove one of its sides and turn it into a fun and even interactive table for your little ones. Why fill up your bin with empty cans, when they can be used for pretty much anything, from carrying your cutlery or your toothbrushes to serving as containers for various smaller office supplies. Before buying a new piece of furniture, perhaps you can check with your family or friends if they have something they’re trying to get rid of that you could utilize in some way. Plus, you can always browse through your local thrift shops and see if you can spot something that other people didn’t want, but would make a great addition to your home décor. You’ll get what you need for your home, while fulfilling your duty to your planet.

Trust the Latest Technology

It’s no secret that technology is advancing rapidly and that it keeps getting smarter and, fortunately for us, greener by the moment. This is why you shouldn’t steer away from modern technology, as today there are some state-of-the-art systems aimed at saving water and energy in your home. You can even find cutting edge high tech for recycling household waste. When it comes to home design, it’s clear that such technology as 5G will very soon be something all of us use daily. Connecting your phone to the devices inside your home gives you the opportunity to remotely control anything from the temperature in each of your rooms, to the security cameras above your front door. Furthermore, let’s not forget that energy-efficient household appliances are now more available than ever. Not only do these appliances prevent energy waste, but they’re extremely advanced in other ways as well. For instance, your fridge can now manage your calendar and your grocery list, while playing some of your favorite music. Who wouldn’t want to have such an amazing appliance? So, if you’ve already gotten used to motion-sensitive lights and smart thermostats, so just keep moving in that direction and your home décor will surely reflect your eco-friendly attitude.

If your thoughts are ecological, there’s no reason for your home not to be, too. It all comes down to making slightly smarter choices and asking for a better, greener alternative for anything you’re willing to spend your money on. If we all take that same stand, the market will certainly have to adjust to the customer demand. In the meantime, we already have plenty of acceptable and even outstanding sustainable options to decide on, as long as we think and act green.