The limitations of shyness and how to overcome it


MJ Gonzales │

Probably, shyness was not a problem for you when you’re still young. It only becomes a big deal when you have to deal with other people for something important for you. For some, the shy-type are connected to humble and respectful ones, while for others shyness is an indication of low self-esteem or introversion.  Arguably, there’s misconception about it, but for majority shyness is just a bad trait that also stops you from getting rich.

According to Rappler’s report, “hiya factor” is one of the 5 bad habits of Pinoy that they should change to achieve their financial goals. They shared that the hiya or shyness makes Filipinos hesitate to seek advice and overall, to get wise financial decisions.

It’s also true in business. Acquiring knowledge and conceptualizing plans are not hard, it’s in the execution. Perhaps you are shy to discuss your proposal and doubting what people think about your sales pitching.  So even if you pour extensive efforts, it will go down the drain if you let your shyness overwhelms you.

On the bigger scale, shyness could also affect an economy according to Ira Kalb, an international consulting and training firm owner and Marshall School of Business’ (University of Southern California) assistant professor.  Kalb shared on Business Insider that Finland has superb people and lucrative products, including Nokia. However Finn companies should overcome their “best kept secret syndrome” and market their brands actively.

“It would help if Finns learned to overcome their shyness, and not be afraid to tell others how Finland can help them,” Kalb commented.

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Credit: Pixabay

On the other note, Entrepreneur  shared that shyness can be an advantage too especially in keeping strategies. They suggested that businessmen can do activities that they usually shy to do by practicing like their elevator pitch, focus on showing samples or presentation than talking, get someone to do the sales talk, and use technology.

Entrepreneur shared that sometimes shyness comes because a person is nervous to speak with many people.  Thus, it’s good for them to come always prepared and to get out of their comfort zone little by little.