What is the Law of Leverage?

Credit: Pixabay

MJ Gonzales │Executive Chronicles

People work to earn money, but given the chance they also want to have time to do what they want.  But time and money are two heavyweight factors in life that are hard to balance. In fact, to earn money you need to sacrifice your time for your career. On the other hand, having more time can simply means you’re not busy making-money.  According business and financial experts, redeeming precious time and money is possible with law of leverage.

“The Law of Leverage is also being called as the Principle of Multiplier Effect because it also involves duplicating your self using other people’s time, effort, and resources,” The Millionaire Acts shared.  “In this principle, duplication or multiplication of your self is crucial. You must be able to successfully multiply yourself through other people.”

networking PixabayHow will you multiply yourself? The answer is definitely not through adding more jobs and dividing your time or something like multitasking.  Leveraging clearly entails, as Millionaire Acts defined, use or involve other individuals so it also requires effort to “clone” yourself at the start. However when you’re successful teach your knowledge and capabilities to others and manage them well, the sum of their earnings is your overall earnings. The bonus part is this multiple earning process also provides you the leeway to enjoy your time as there are people working for you even you’re not around.  Few of the common endeavors that entail law of leverage are the multilevel marketing or networking businesses and franchising (the side of franchiser). But actually any companies with employees do this principle.

Given the limitless possibilities, challenging yourself to master the Law of Leverage is the only key. There are no definite rules in how will you able to do it, but fundamentally you need to educate yourself. This is because in order to other people to believe in you and accept the tasks you delegate for them, you should knowledgeable about your field. You need to train them to duplicate or multiply your success.  On the other hand, since leverage involves human interaction you should also  value and keep long –term relationship.

Meanwhile, law of leverage is also applicable to any career-oriented individuals. Instead of involving of others technically, it’s more like working smart and compounding to get extra time and earn money at the same time.