The Benefits of Using Wooden Flowers For Your Wedding

The Benefits of Using Wooden Flowers For Your Wedding

Executive Chronicles | The Benefits of Using Wooden Flowers For Your Wedding | Did you know that the average cost of wedding flowers in the United States in the year 2019 was over $2,000? No wedding is complete without the wedding bouquet and the use of flowers as wedding decorations. With how expensive wedding flowers are at times, you need to know about all of your flower options for your upcoming wedding.

This is where wooden flowers enter the picture. Wood flowers provide a ton of benefits while still creating a lovely and stunning wedding bouquet and wedding decorations for your big day. But what should you expect when getting wood flowers for your wedding day?

You’re in luck because you’ve come to the right place to learn about the benefits of getting wooden flowers for the most important day of your life. Continue reading this article to learn more about the many benefits of wooden flowers for your wedding.

Wooden Flowers Are Eco-Friendly

One of the big benefits of using wooden flowers for your upcoming wedding is the benefit that they have when it comes to the environment. If you or your partner are worried about the environment and the issues that come with displacing flowers then you need to think long and hard about investing in wooden flowers for your wedding.

Instead of displacing and ultimately killing hundreds of flowers for one day of use, you can invest in wooden flowers that will get. any uses. This helps to maintain the balance of nature and provides the resources necessary for both flowers and bees to thrive. The wood for the wooden flowers comes from a sustainable natural resource that won’t harm the environment.

Diversity of Wooden Flowers

Another great perk of going with wooden flowers for your wedding is the plethora of options you’ll have to choose from. While going with real flowers will limit your flower options depending on the location of your wedding, wooden flowers don’t have that same limitation.

If you love flowers like Birds of Paradise that might not be native to your area, you can get wooden ones at any point during the year. The same goes for flowers like sunflowers and roses. You’ll have every type of flower at your disposal which makes decorating and matching the theme of your wedding a walk in the park.

You’ll get a much more diverse set of flower options for your big day that don’t harm the environment and that look realistic.

Customization Options

When it comes to weddings, there are almost unlimited themes that you have to choose from. A big theme option is choosing a certain color for the wedding parties. Unfortunately, with real flowers, there is no way to make all of the flowers match the theme.

Wood flowers don’t have those same issues. If you want all blue roses for your wedding then that is completely feasible and easy. You’ll have the option to pick any color you can imagine when it comes to the flowers and wedding decorations at your wedding ceremony.

There is nothing to keep you from having the perfect wedding decorations when you have great wood flower options like those at

No Allergy Risks

At weddings, it is normal to expect a large crowd of friends and family to attend. Unfortunately, you have no real way of determining who might have flower allergies in this crowd. This can cause health issues for the people that are celebrating and attending your big day.

Wooden flowers get rid of this risk and provide a safe and comfortable environment for everyone that attends. There is no chance that any of your guests will have allergic reactions at your wedding as a result of the wood flowers you pick out. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that nothing will ruin or put a damper on an unforgettable day for you and your future spouse.

Unlimited Use

It is difficult to justify the price tag that comes with using real flowers at your wedding for the wedding bouquet and wedding decorations. Flowers are expensive, and going with real flowers will get you only one day of use. Not only is this harmful to the environment, but it is a lot of money to drop for one day.

Wood flowers are a great alternative to using real flowers at your wedding because they’re much more cost-effective. While they might cost a bit more, they’ll last forever and continue to remain beautiful for years and years. You can even give some of the wooden flowers away to wedding guests to decorate their home or office as a token of remembrance from your wedding.

If you don’t want to give them away then you should consider using them at your own home. They’re great for providing colorful and beautiful decorations that don’t need watering and will last you forever.

They Have Real Money Value

One major drawback to using real flowers for your wedding is that you pay a big price for them and only get to use them for one day. Since wooden flowers last essentially forever, you can get most of your money back that you paid for them. While you’ll have the option to hold on to them and decorate your home with them, they’re also great for selling.

If you don’t want to hold on to them, consider trying to sell them on different wedding marketplaces or even through something like Facebook Marketplace. With how expensive wedding flowers are, it is likely that another happy couple that is planning their wedding will have interest in your wooden flowers and you’ll get some of your money back.

Consider Wooden Flowers for Your Big Day

It is hard to argue that real flowers aren’t a beautiful option for decorating an event as special as your wedding. With that being said, wooden flowers provide a sustainable option that is both beautiful and customizable. Best of all, they’ll last for years and years and have real value if you wish to sell them after your big day.

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