The Basic Steps in building Professional Network for Career Advancement

Credit: Pixabay

MJ Gonzales │Executive Chronicles

Career boost is not only about keep on improving skills and knowledge, it’s also entails good relationship or people skills. However the common problems with professional networking are breaking the ice without giving impression that you’re intruding and marketing your skills without being sound pushy. What do you think is the right way to approach a VIP?

It’s easy to say your pitch for your career if you’re going to chat with someone you’re already close and familiar. But then again, you’re intention is to pitch or persuade so your focus are not them but strangers.  In Time’s account, just saying “hello” or introducing yourself with “business formality” tone is a good start.  Their report added that it’s also applicable in reaching out to individuals in your office and business community, who you never chatted with.  If it happens that you have the chance, get to know some little information about them first so there’s something you can discuss. You can check a bit of their profiles like on LinkedIn or find your common acquaintances who can say something about them.

linkedin-1007071_960_720In INC’s interview with Diane Kucer, the director of global product marketing for LinkedIn, shared that it’s also smart if you do your pitch in “timely fashion.” She explained that if you meet someone in an event and you already feel “the need to connect,” go for it.  If you like to add him/ her on LinkedId, do it at least within 24 hours.

“… Getting that connection up and running early gives your prospect greater context for who you are and what you’re about while you’re still top of mind,” Kucer advised.

Perhaps there are more definite and better steps to establish your professional network. But in case you’re still shy and contemplating, having professional network will lead you to infinite career advancement like getting better job and learn best practices in your industry.