The Art of Gratitude

act-of-gratitude, why-do-we-say-thank-you

Ozzias T. Villaver, Jr., Ed. D. | ExecutiveChronicles

Thank you!  An expression coming from a sincere heart.  This may sound as a simple affirmation yet its meaning carries a lasting print of memories.

Many people utter this expression automatically for they have cultivated this familial value from childhood and/or educational formation.  A value that once instilled in the heart and mind would become habitual act in affirming the goodness of others.

Why do people openly express this good act?

There are three significant things to consider in this act of gratitude?

  1. Recognition of other’s generosity of kindness.   A good heart will always appreciate the thoughtful action of others.  Having received something so needed at that moment is unforgettable.  An act that cannot be repaid by material things.  A priceless act that has to be remembered always.
  2. Recognition of one’s limitations. Indeed, accepting other’s help would give satisfaction to one’s need/s or want/s.  The fact one asks the other signifies the consciousness of being lacking or inadequacy. And so, it is but proper and fitting that one who receives the resources, help or favor he/she needs entails an acknowledgement to the other.
  3. Recognition of one’s moral responsibility. All persons do not possess the same materials/resources.  They do not keep in themselves similar wealth neither skill nor talent.  Once a person is able to fill up his/her feelings or needs, he/she cannot but have to return an appreciation.  Because he/she finds the way or things to satisfy his/her feelings and/or desires.  A responsibility by the receiver to acknowledge the goodness of the giver

People, who have the habit of expressing their sincere gratitude, demonstrate the unique culture that they have and the style of expressing it. Since this value has been cultivated so long in their life, it actuates then a natural art of expression.  More to say, gratitude hints a way of life for them.