The 3 Common Recruiting Mistakes To Avoid

The 3 Common Recruiting Mistakes To Avoid
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ExecutiveChronicles | The 3 Common Recruiting Mistakes To Avoid | During the time of the Great Resignation, it has been harder than ever to keep good employees. Many companies are scrambling to hire the best candidates and then try to keep them on board. This means that recruiting has taken on added importance over the last few years. Unfortunately, many companies are making a lot of mistakes when it comes to doing so. 

The trick is not just finding people that fit into your work culture or way of operating, but that you are able to also be the right fit for the recruits. It is a two-way street after all. In this article, we will go over several of the mistakes to avoid when recruiting new employees. 

1 – Too many restrictions

If your work contract has a lot of fine print on it then this is likely going to come off as a red flag for a possible recruit. It is a worker’s market out there right now and the more restrictions you have for their continued employment, the less likely a good candidate will accept certain terms. That means that you’ll be left with recruits who are less than ideal but will want to work anyway because they are desperate. 

For instance, if you have non-compete contracts in Indiana then this may scare off a potential recruit since they will feel trapped if things aren’t working out at your company and they want to make a change. If there was anything that made them unsure about taking the job then seeing that clause will cause them to walk away. In this case, you may want to speak with a recruiting firm so they can help you with your listing and finding desirable candidates. Specificity of the service is recommended; so if you’re looking to hire a salesman, seek help from experienced sales recruiters.

The job has to also suit the needs of the new employee and a lot of restrictions will make them wonder if those needs can be met. 

2 – Not hiring from within

Onboarding new employees is time-consuming and costly. To save money and time it is a good idea to work with what you already have. You should be looking to fill roles from the pool of workers that you have already hired in the company. These people are already in the system and mainly know how the company operates. 

People that are already working for you are a great resource to draw from. Look at some of the brightest stars that might be suited for a role that they simply need to be trained to do properly. This may make for a smoother transition and also make sure that you have people that you know are loyal already. 

3 – Poor pay and benefits

Great workers are able to be choosy these days and take the job with the best pay and benefits. If you don’t offer competitive salaries and benefits then you are not going to get great workers. You get what you pay for and the only people willing to work for less are those that will use you for experience before they move on to greener pastures. 

Make sure to be an attractive option for the best recruits out there by paying more than your competition and offering a great benefits package. 

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