Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa: The New Work Permit for Australia

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Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa: The New Work Permit for Australia | Various existing companies see potential in the Australian market and are eager to jump in to grab these opportunities. Did you know that many companies and employers provide a TSS visa 482 visa to several individuals and organisations for getting temporary access to get into the Australian industry every year?

TSS visa 482 visa or Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 482 subclass that replaced the existing 457 visa class. This particular visa allows job applicants to reside and work in Australia temporarily, and only their sponsoring employer provides it to them. There are considerable doubts that individuals have regarding the new visa and its terms and conditions. So, in this post, you will find all your queries answered as we reach the end. 

What is Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482?

When there is a gap between the labour available and the labour required in the Australian market, employers provide the TSS visa to foreign workers to bridge this gap. It allows the temporary worker to reside and work in the country for the specified duration as specified in the visa. 

What are the steps of obtaining a temporary skill shortage visa?

Majorly, there are three steps involved in obtaining a TSS visa. 

  1. Business Sponsorship: The company that wants to hire you temporarily needs to provide you with a permit to agree with the Department and Ministry of Home Affairs
  2. Nomination: The employer will have to nominate the individual to fill a position in their organisation. And also decide the temporary migration income threshold that would be offered to the employee according to Australian standard market rates. 
  3. 482 visa: To obtain a permit, the employee must prove and show all the necessary documents that ensure they have the required qualification and skill to get the opportunity. Records required for clarity are health certificates, character certificates, criminal track records, and educational qualification certificates.

How long is the 482 visa valid?

After obtaining a TSS visa 482 visa, you get the chance to live and work in Australia for one to four years. 

What is the criteria for a business to offer sponsorship to an employee?

Any business that is operating in Australia and is seeking employee individuals on a TSS visa must have the following, 

  • The company in Australia seeking temporary labour must be lawfully registered. And it should be active with all the necessary permits. 
  • Any organisation operating overseas and willing to collaborate with an existing business in Australia should have a contract to achieve the visa. 

The essential requirements for an applicant to achieve a visa

All the applicants applying for a TSS visa must qualify in the below-mentioned criteria. 

  1. The applicant seeking a TSS visa must have at least two years of work experience in the occupation he/she is trying to get a job. 
  2. Should have necessary qualification and experience to fit in the job role offered to them.
  3. Have the ability to communicate in the English language. 
  4. Applicants should have clear intentions of providing their services to the organisation with dedication and honesty. 
  5. Need to obtain a registration number or licence from Australian authorities if the occupation demands it.

Yes, if you obtain a TSS 482 visa, your partner and children will also get a TSS visa. The duration of the visa will be the same as your 482 visas. 

Now that you have clarity about the temporary skilled shortage visa, you can complete the necessary formalities and obtain your permit. 

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