Telecommuting 101: Customize your work system

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles


Telecommuting is a type of work set up that offers flexibility and freedom. The thing is these two are also the possible reasons why freelancers and work from home employees don’t experience the essence and joy of it.  On the other hand, following exact work system that’s effective for one person is not entirely good for anyone. If this the case, what to consider in creating your own work routine as telecommuters?

Get inspirations, but follow your own opinion. Always remember that others’ opinions are mere opinions and there’s such thing as case to case basis.  Thus though there are strategies that are good to follow, you have to assess also if they’re fit for you. The nature of freelancing is in a way different from regular full time job in the office. You have to consider the environment around your home office and the requirement of your job.

On the other hand, it’s good to try each style that you think will work out for you, but if you think you have to replace, mix or tweak it– then go! What matters is not the routine itself, but if the style helps your job performance.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Asses your needs and wants.  Because you’re working mostly or entirely alone, your system should also suits in the things you like to do, wanting to achieve, and personality. If you feel more productive at night, then do your tasks when the moon is up there.  The most important thing to consider though is you’re working home. It’s like a tug of war that this set up will let you procrastinate or work longer, forget your clients call or your mom’s requests. Thus, better to make some house rules, arrangements with your clients/boss (what time are you available), and definite home office with the designs and gadgets that will let you focus on your job only.

At first this customizing is complicated to establish, but nevertheless it will help you to achieve flexibility and work-life balance.  In fact, it also one of the good things in telecommuting you’re the one creating your work system.