Surefire Ways to Declutter your Office


By Mary Rae Floresca | ExecutiveChronicles | It’s a must to be extra Obsessive-Compulsive when cleaning your office and own home. It’s not enough to sort, dispose and simply mopping the floor. It’s best to have schedule when you will declutter your office to keep your space clean instead of spending your wee hours sneezing.

Here’s the first tip: Decluttering does not simply include knowing how to properly clean your area, the last tip is significant for a fully allergen-free office and home!

  1. Sort out stuff

Do the old school sorting of your things like each box are labeled as “Donation,” “Trash,” etc. It’s as if you are moving to another office or house. Best to sort things out properly. A lot of times, things are misplaced because it is not returned in its rightful container. Now, why is the hairbrush on top of the washing machine?

  1. Throw what you don’t need

One thing that viewers notice in the TV series Clean House, is that the people just can’t let go of things because of its sentimental value and because it’s a collectible. In fact, all of those things are the “clutters” in your home. Let go of the past and sentiments you attach to your things. Once you’ve done this, you will realise how much excess ‘stuff’ you have in the office that is essentially junk. If it’s gotten to the stage where you can’t simply throw it in the trash get a rubbish removal professional to come collect and dispose of all this new unwanted junk. You will get a new bag, or furniture next time, don’t you want to have something new?

  1. Clothing Cabinet: Sort by kind and color (for the Home)

Imagine, all the blacks on the left side, all the whites are next to it, it spells MINIMALIST, right? Fix the layers of your clothing according to color and kind. Start with the kind of garment, all pants together, shirts, blouses and the like together. Bonus tip: Go an extra mile in color coding your hangers as well, now that is CHIC.  Another way to save space is to roll your clothes, especially those that doesn’t need to be ironed.

  1. Kitchen disaster to kitchen sassy (form the Home, or if you have a pantry at the office)

Now this could be the worst or breeding ground for clutter. Rubber bands, expired coupons, old receipts, the list goes on. Every week, train yourself to throw all the little things that pile up in your drawer. Paper bags and plastics? Stash it in a big container, fold it in triangles so it’s neatly fixed. Utensils? Not a problem, label the dividers of your container accordingly so that you will remember where to really put the spoon, the fork and knives. Keeping your kitchen organized is not enough, moisture is the breeding ground of bacteria, so change your dishwashing sponges from time to time and dry your working table.

  1. A regular vacuum is not enough

After sorting and organizing your things, don’t forget to clean your floors. Since you moved around the furniture, for sure the dust bunnies are looking for a new home.

Common vacuums with dust bags are not enough to kick these dust mites away. One cleaning innovation is the Rainbow Cleaning System. Rainbow Vacuum cleaner uses water to trap dirt and odors, returning only naturally clean, water-washed air to your home. With its different attachments, you’ll surely never miss every nook and crannies. It has upholstery tool, dusting brush, wall and floor brush and more.

Rainbow is not an ordinary vacuum but an asthma and allergy friendly one, certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. No more taking of antihistamine tabs for you! The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers also certifies that the Rainbow is a proven air cleaner designed to reduce air pollutants that contribute to poor indoor air quality. Wait, there’s more, this vacuum wonder removes soil, contains dust while cleaning, and best carpet appearance.