Having a Successful Company Meeting

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Most people never seek another success avenue other than their job and so they remain stuck with a mediocre life forever. If you’re reading this, then you’ve either chose to create your own business or are the manager of a business and are seeking other methods to run a successful company meeting. We just had our meeting this morning and so I can speak from first-hand experience about what makes a good meeting versus what makes a bad one. For that reason, in this article, we will be discussing the topic of having a successful company meeting.

Having a Successful Company Meeting

A company meeting always has a goal in mind which is to continue to move the company forward. Every mind must be on the same page if this is to happen, and so the first thing you need to do in order to have a successful company meeting is to get your team to attend. Once everyone has agreed to attend the meeting, then you can make it a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meeting; it’s up to you.

Before you have your first meeting, it is essential that you prepare an agenda. Without an agenda, there’s no way to lead the meeting effectively. Make sure you discuss the agenda prior to beginning the meeting so you can prime the minds of the people in attendance. This will get their minds thinking about how to handle whatever is to be discussed. Make sure that the agenda has some time in the end to discuss topics that were not listed on it.

If you are the leader of the meeting, it is your job to remain calm and composed so that everyone else can mirror your poise. If and when people begin to get emotional, remind them that the best results are always from a logical and composed mind state, and in order to continue to have a good meeting, people’s feelings must be suppressed, and to be discussed individually after the meeting. Imagine if politicians let their feelings get in the way all the time, there’d be no progress.

People’s attention spans have dwindled over the years down to about 9 seconds. This means that if you have an hour and a half meeting, most people will be out of it and thinking about other things after the 20-minute mark. It is essential that you have a concise and powerful meeting that will get people energized and ready to handle the upcoming events, as opposed to a long, boring, and ineffective meetings where people feel like their energies get drained.

They say that the person who asks the questions is in control, and this is often true. You want to be the person sparking the conversation by asking powerful questions and letting the attendees respond to it which will naturally create a conversation and problem-solving environment. These questions can also be written as the agenda so that people can read it in the beginning and think of ways of answering in order to get to the solution that is being sought.

Finally, in order to have a successful meeting, you must let people know in advance that there will be a meeting on a certain date so that they can be in attendance. The worst thing to do is to notify people of a meeting, the day before. Make sure your meeting is at a place where there are minimal distractions like the London conference rooms, which will ensure focus, and flow.

In conclusion in this article, we discussed the topic of how to have a successful company meeting. There are many different ways to run a meeting, but what I have found in my own company meetings is what I have described in this article. You can research other methods of having a meeting that may be better, but the tips listed in this article will give you a great head start!

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