Stress Free Moving Hacks to Make Your Move A Little Easier

Stress Free Moving Hacks Tips to Choose the Right Moving Company

Stress Free Moving Hacks to Make Your Move A Little Easier | Moving house is an exciting life event that up to 6 million American households experience every year. Let’s face it, though, packing all your worldly possessions into boxes and transporting them around the country can be stressful too! It’s often time-consuming, arduous, and a logistical nightmare…

Looking for ways to extract the stress and simplify the process? You’re in the right place. Check out these awesome stress free moving hacks.

Start the Process Early

One of the best hacks for moving house is to take action ASAP! We recommend sorting through, preparing, and even packing your possessions at least 6 months before the big day. Take this approach and there’ll be no last-minute scramble to sort everything out.

Using a storage unit comes in handy here. You’ll be able to stay organized, packing items you rarely use into boxes and placing them in the unit well in advance (keeping them out of your house as a result). Then, on the actual moving day, you can transfer those pre-packed boxes from storage into the truck.

Book the Moving Company ASAP

People can and do take a DIY approach when they’re moving house. But this article’s all about alleviating your stress levels, not adding to them, right?! You’ll save yourself a whole world of trouble by hiring a professional moving company instead of tackling this almighty task alone.

Make sure you book well in advance if you do decide to take this tack, though. Moving services are always in high demand (especially in the summer months), so booking early is crucial for securing your spot. Oh, and they’re likely to charge more if you leave it too late as well!

Top tip: Getting multiple quotes from different movers should help you find one that’s the best value for money.

Declutter First

Moving house is the perfect opportunity to sort through your stuff and clear out anything you no longer need. After all, there’s no point packing and transporting items you’ll never use! That’s why one of our top tips for moving house is to get rid of it all beforehand and save yourself some hassle.

Take a look around your house and identify the clothes, furniture, sports equipment, kitchenware, appliances, and memorabilia that’s doing nothing but gather dust. Sell what you can (either online or via yard sales), donate to charity anything that someone in need could use, and then toss the rest.

Remember These Stress Free Moving Hacks

Millions of people in the US experience the stress and rigmarole of moving house every year. However, most of them are their own worst enemy! If you approach this task in a sensible, organized fashion, you can (and will) enjoy a smooth, simple, and easy move from start to finish.

With any luck, the stress free moving hacks in this post will help you do exactly that! Want some more tips and insights on how to move house with greater ease? Search ‘moving house’ on the website now.