Steps Involved in Filing The Worker’s Compensation Claim

Steps Involved in Filing The Workers’ Compensation Claim How to File a Workers Comp Claim

ExecutiveChronicles | Steps Involved in Filing The Worker’s Compensation Claim | If you are injured at your workplace, things may appear confusing and complicated for you. If you struggle to decide your next step, consult a Richmond injured at work lawyer and follow these steps.

. Report the injury to your employer

As an employee, you must inform your supervisor about any illness or injury at the workplace as soon as possible. You have to submit a written notice to your employer stating the cause, date, and time of the injury. You must entail information regarding the extent of harm, kind of illness, the medical services required for its treatment, as well as any rehabilitation necessary.

. Provision of information by the employer regarding paperwork 

After submitting the report, your employer will inform you about your rights and workers’ compensation benefits. In some states, you get a workers’ comp claim form that contains all the critical questions regarding the injury. You are required to fill it out and submit it to your supervisor. You are also required to fill out the first report of injury, which will be submitted to the state’s workers’ compensation board.

. Reporting of the injury by the employer and claim form 

Your employer will submit an injury report and claim form to the workers’ comp insurance carrier. The company doctor will also assess your injuries and prepare a medical report for submission.

The employer must submit an additional report to the state division of workers’ comp board. This is where you will want to have a workmen’s compensation attorney review your report and provide legal advice on how to get the pay you deserve. 

. Approval or denial of the claim by the insurer 

After you file a claim, the insurer evaluates it and decides if it should be approved or rejected.

If the claim gets approved, the insurer will tell the employer and employee about it and ask the injured worker for payment details. The worker can either accept the offer given by the insurer or negotiate further to get a higher payment offer. It happens after employees and their lawyers do not find the amount sufficient to cover the expenses of the injury.

If the claim gets denied, the employee can request the insurance company to reconsider the claim or file a legal appeal through the state’s workers’ compensation board.

 . Returning to work

After the recovery, the employee can return to work. To do so, it is essential to submit a written notice to the employer and the insurance company.

If the injury is too severe and has caused permanent impairment of the employee, the insurance company will have to provide the injured worker with permanent disability benefits.

ExecutiveChronicles | Steps Involved in Filing The Worker’s Compensation Claim