Start the Day Right by Avoiding These Bad Habits

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Having a good day at work depends on expected and unexpected factors. You’re maybe clueless of the surprise a client meeting or heavy traffic, but you can always do something to start your day right.  You have the power to become punctual, dynamic, and driven if you avoid bad habits like the following:

Leaving the house without your personal work plan.  Successful people can’t start their day without the list of what they should do or accomplish.  It serves as a guide so they’re not in bewildered of their tasks and maximize their time.  Try to write your to-do list in the morning or better, every after your shift.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Checking your gadget first in the morning.  With smartphones and tablets, reading email messages and social media updates is one touch away. Like swish of a wand, a simple check may magically disappear your glorious minutes and hours in the morning.  To avoid checking your phone first in the morning, place your gadget somewhere far away from your bed.  Instead of using your phone to wake you up, better buy real alarm clock.

Turning on your TV set.  If you want to know the latest news due to bad weather condition, that’s a good reason to watch TV.   However, avoid it on a daily basis especially if you just watch for sake of watching or entertainment in the morning. It may only distract your ritual and affect your good mood.  If you want to be updated with current events, do it in the other parts of the day.

Skipping your breakfast.  A lot of study prove that skipping breakfast is very unhealthy like the research found in Journal Physiological Behavior in 1999. According to British researchers who grouped and examined 144 participants, they found out that those who skipped breakfast were fatigue prone in the afternoon and had low score in their memory test.  On the other side, those who took breakfast got good results.  Thus, if you like to become productive all day long better to eat your breakfast.