Kyla is a young communication professional and an avid advocate of work-life balance. Her column draws out her insights on career, health and life in general.

  • New Tools That Change the Direct Sales Industry

    Direct Sales Industry
    Kyla Camille Nievera, Executive Chronicles | New digital marketing tools are changing the direct sale industry in a major way. Often, business marketers focus on keeping up with changes in the industry but fail to measure their effectiveness. Testing your digital marketing campaign strategies is equally as important as choosing the latest tools and technologies. The […]
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  • What Networking Really Is and How to Be Good at It (Infographic)

    networking tips
    Kyla Nievera, Executive Chronicles | One of the buzzwords that have made rounds in the business landscape over the last few years is networking. While this concept predates digital platforms like social media and websites, networking has gained a lot of traction in recent years due to exciting benefits it can provide. However, the way […]
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  • 3 Proven Strategies For An Employee Recognition Program [Infographic]

    Employee Recognition Program
    by Kyla Camille Nievera, Executive Chronicles | One of the biggest challenges in setting up an effective employee recognition program is determining what not to recognize. If the scope is too broad, the recognition program becomes unwieldy — difficult to manage, expensive to manage, and worst of all, so diluted with details that it loses […]
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  • Why Every Business Executive Needs to Become a Better Planner

    better planner
    by Kyla Camille, Executive Chronicles | Do you meticulously plan every activity and event in your business or do you leave everything to chance? If you don’t take planning seriously, it can affect your business in many different ways and it could be the beginning of the end of your organization. Below are some of […]
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  • 3 Things to Consider When Starting A Business in the Philippines

    Image via Philstar
    Executive Chronicles | Starting a business in another country is an exciting time for many entrepreneurs, as it can signal the beginning of an international business empire, but if done incorrectly it can also be the beginning of a terrible series of mistakes. Other countries have different business cultures, and the cultures established in your home […]
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  • LOOK: Effectiveness of various assessment methods

    assessment_methods | When it comes to hiring new employees there are a wide range of assessment methods that can be used. Some businesses focus on simulation exercises while others rely strictly on competency-based behavioral interviews. Methods such as interviews and surveys can really help employers understand leadership qualities in new hires, but may not really […]
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  • How Business Executives Can Become More Organized

    Ann Gabriel | Are you a business decision maker who needs to become more organized? If you want your business to operate as effectively as possible, you have to become a good role model. Once you are more organized and in control of what you do, it’s much more likely that others in your organization […]
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  • What Matters Most To Dream Job Seekers and the Employers Who Hire Them?

    job_seekers | If you are looking to hire top talent, what type of incentives to you use to lure people to your company?  Beer Fridays, games at work, working from home options are all popular incentives that companies are using to hire these days. While these perks are great, it’s usually not what people are […]
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  • How to Save Money When Travelling for Business

    travelling-business | Travelling for business can be a pleasure, but more often than not it is horrendous. It’s stressful and expensive and you rarely get a proper chance to explore the country or city you’re visiting. I can’t make your business trip any less stressful; however I can help you to make it less expensive, […]
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  • How a Pro can Navigate Office Dining and Drinking

    ExecutiveChronicles | Kyla Camille | You have to go to work—but you have to eat, too, right? But much like the lack of regular vacation-taking in the American office, lunch breaks have suffered, too. In fact, almost two-thirds of all employees skip the middle meal of the day, or eat it just at their lunch. […]
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