Solutions to 3 Common Vaping Device Problems

Solutions to 3 Common Vaping Device Problems

Solutions to 3 Common Vaping Device Problems | With the increase in the number of younger and more modern residents in Brisbane, electronic cigarettes or vapes have exploded in popularity. Vaping is an enjoyable and soothing experience. But sometimes, it can get pretty frustrating when the vaping session has to come to a halt due to an unforeseen issue. It is unfortunate, but like most products, even the best vaporizers from the best vape shop in Brisbane can eventually face issues. But the good thing is that most of these problems have quick checks and easy solutions that one can use to get back to their pleasant vaping session. Here is a compiled list of the potential issues one can face with their vape devices and ways to fix them. 

Problem 1: The Battery of the Vape Isn’t Working 

This is one of the simplest and the most common problems first-time users experience with vapes. 

  • Power button: The first thing that they must try is to check if they have pressed the power button on properly. Pressing it multiple times can turn it off, resulting in the vape not working. Most of the vape batteries and mods can be switched on by clicking the button present on them. The number of clicks varies from 3-5 or more, and that information would be mentioned in the manual. 
  • Charging: The next thing to look for is if there is enough charge left in the vape pen and if the charger is working right by checking the signal shown on the device. 
  • Connection issues: There might be some residue in the terminal between the tank and the battery, causing the problem. One can solve this by cleaning the dust and the vape juice particles. 

Problem 2: Thin or No Vapour at All

Issues with vapour production can happen for several reasons, and many of them have simple solutions. 

  • Moisture content/ herb quality: The herbs must be in perfect condition to produce optimum smoke. The herbs that are too dry or too moist produce relatively less vapour. Some herbs also do not produce visible vapour. Therefore, the absence of big clouds of vapour does not necessarily mean that the vape pen isn’t working.
  • Grind consistency: The herb must be ground to the right consistency to ensure optimum vapour production. Over grinding can cause the vape to get blocked more quickly, resulting in thin vapour production.  
  • Drawing speed: The speed at which one draws the vapour also affects its production. One must take slow, long drags for best results. 
  • Insufficient temperature: It is common knowledge in the vaping world that higher temperatures result in higher vapours. Therefore, one must check if their devices are producing the optimum temperature, and if not, they can try increasing it with a small boost in temperature.

Problem 3: Issues with Drawing Through the Mouthpiece

One of the main issues that cause difficulty in drawing the vapour smoothly through the device is the screen getting clogged with resin. It is important to check if there is a clog, and replace or clean it using isopropyl alcohol, rinse and dry it before putting it back into the vape. This can also happen if there isn’t enough e-liquid in the tank or if the connection between the vape battery and the coil is not right.

If none of these suggestions are effective, it is recommended to contact the best available vape shop in Brisbane to get it fixed or own a high-quality vape device.

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