Social Media Secrets – 5 Strategies Your Brand Should Borrow From The Biggest Social Media Influencers

Personal Reputation Management social media influencers social media marketing Growth Hacks | Social Media Secrets – 5 Strategies Your Brand Should Borrow From The Biggest Social Media Influencers | With the rise of social media came an influx of social media influencers. it didn’t take long for people to realize what power these personalities exert over their followers’ purchasing decisions. These influencers can accumulate followings that peak in the multi-millions. More importantly, they also develop a sense of personal connection with these fans, making their messages all the more powerful. 

Today, we’re going to teach you five of their most powerful strategies, which you can incorporate into your brand’s social media marketing plan today. 

1. Giveaways

Observe the most successful social media influencers, from makeup and fitness gurus to financial advisors. They all share one major tactic in common – they incentivize likes, follows, channel subscriptions, and shares with giveaways. 

Depending on your brand, your giveaway of choice could be corporate gifts, a free one-on-one consultation with you, discount codes, or even just content your followers have been repeatedly requesting. Take inspiration from big influencers in your niche, and build your brand through generosity. 

2. Conversations, not proclamations

Many business owners make the mistake of using social media as a one-way valve, sending their messages out to customers without ever really engaging with them. If you want to garner the kind of following top influencers have, you need to follow their lead and have genuine connections with your current and prospective customers on social media. Even celebrity influencers still regularly engage with their fans on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Discord, so never think that you need to be aloof to be seen as professional. 

3. Use video to your advantage

Whether you want to dedicate time to starting your own YouTube channel, or you just want to take advantage of Facebook and Instagram stories, video is the leading way to communicate with fans and customers. Take inspiration from YouTubers in your industry and start crafting compelling video content to share with your followers. If you’re not confident with this medium, consider bringing in a freelance videographer to ensure your content is professional. 

4. Do Strategic Colabs 

Collaborating with influencers or brands that offer complementary products or services is one of the best ways to reach your target demographic. You’ll establish instant trust with their audience since you’re working with someone they already follow. As this is a reciprocal relationship, you can offer them the same in return. 

If you don’t yet have a large following, consider either offering free products or services in return for the collaboration. Alternatively, reach out to influencers and businesses who are at a similar stage of development to you. 

5. Focus on quality content rather than ads

Many business owners feel confident in creating (or outsourcing the creation of) ad campaigns. However, producing consistent, high-quality, entertaining content can feel like an excessive investment of time, money, and mental resources. 

If social media influencers have taught us anything, it’s that this investment will deliver rewards. If you’re diligent with your output, it can pay off on a grand scale. Add to this the fact that more than 40% of web users are rocking ad blockers these days, and the idea of prioritizing quality content over ads becomes even more appealing. 

Follow the tips above, create a genuine connection with your customers. You’ll soon convert them to loyal brand fans who support you with the same dedication they give to their favorite social media influencers.