Small Outlays of Money Can Result in Great Office Ambience

Small Outlays of Money Can Result in Great Office Ambience  feng-shui-for-office
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ExecutiveChronicles | Small Outlays of Money Can Result in Great Office Ambience | One aspect of an office with a great ambience is how well the outlay has been designed. It plays a bigger role than most owners and managers realise and makes the difference between a professional, vibrant room with the quiet hum of busy workers and a noisy, bare-bones, unattractive office where nobody wants to be. How can you improve your office space to make the most of all the tools at your disposal?

Creating Ambiance

Nowadays, bosses are taking note of colour psychology, office layout, quality furniture which is designed for its ergonomic properties, and their relationship to productivity, job satisfaction, and morale of employees. Desks and tables should be the right distance apart for the ideal distance between eyes and computer monitors. Tables should be at the right height for comfortable seating on top-range swivel chairs.

Safety of Employees and Visitors

Furniture should be surrounded by space, making it easy to move from one section of the office to another without bumping into obstacles or tripping over wires. People and chairs should easily pass between the spaces between desks and other furniture.  Space should naturally lead to the emergency exits and designed with safety in mind. These routes should never be blocked by filing cabinets and other heavy items. All areas should be wheel-chair friendly with clear signage. 


After spending a five-day work week of eight consecutive hours in one spot, it is understandable that employees will be disgruntled if the office lacks the basic necessities for comfort. The room needs to provide sufficient privacy for quiet work that requires concentration, which is why many companies are moving away from boxed furniture for groups. Lighting must be optimal and fluorescent lights avoided as susceptible employees may get headaches working under these lights. 

Dedicate special areas to group work where the discussion will not derail the trains of thought of individuals working alone. Quality furniture will prevent muscle strain and enable employees to work for prolonged periods. However, you should insist on breaks at appropriate times. 


What could be better than a 12 oz coffee cup to start the day or take a mid-morning break? A proper tea and coffee setup featuring a 12 oz coffee cup for each staff member is a nice touch if you want to improve productivity and job satisfaction. Making sure that employees take their breaks is important so that they can maintain a high level of focus when working. 

Another essential feature is a water filter and cups for keeping hydrated throughout the day. If you really want to wow staff, a crystal bowl of fresh apples looks good and tastes great, while being a reminder to eat nutritious meals at work.

It need not cost you an arm and a leg to provide your employees with an ambient office environment. If you pay attention to safety, ergonomics, and the comfort of your staff members, they will be happier at work and empowered to do their best. You will reap the rewards of increased productivity and employee wellness.