The Slashers and their Portfolio Careers

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Many employees accept different jobs for the sole reason of having multiple income streams.  Meanwhile, there also individuals juggling diverse jobs simply because they’re enjoying it.  They’re called the Slashers and what they do is portfolio career or handling multiple jobs.

According to “One Person/ Multiple Careers” author Marci Alboher, the slashers have varied identities as they handle freelance projects, small time business, part time employment and others. While there disadvantages in portfolio career compare to traditional ones, there are also satisfying perks in being a slasher.

“Increasingly, people are finding that they don’t want to do the same thing day in and day out,” Barrie Hopson, author of “10 Steps to Creating a Portfolio Career,” shared in an interview with Forbes. “The traditional, single-track career pattern of the last century (think ladder) is now more difficult to find, and if you do pursue that, you’ll almost certainly have to move between companies.”

One fulfilling part of this type of career has something to do with freedom to do what you want.  Usually, working as an employee in one company requires expertise in few skills you utilize for so many years. In being a slasher, you can finally pursue your business ideals and desired projects. You are not limited to just one thing you like, but you do several passions and interests that you can handle. Furthermore, work-life balance is achievable for them.

Credit: Pixabay

While many want to assume higher positions in the same field or arena, slahers enjoy doing even entry level or minimal type of work. It’s not a problem as long as they can utilize their different skills and work with diverse type of people.  These individuals can be bosses in their home-based businesses, virtual staff for their foreign clients, and work as professional consultants in other firms. Of course they can do these stuff because of another perks of portfolio career – being in control of their time and place of works.