Six Tips for Property Investment in Australia

Property Investment
Image source: | Six Tips for Property Investment in Australia | Are you considering investing in a property in Australia? Check out this article to get some tips to make profitable real estate investment.


When it comes to real estate investment, Australia provides loads of options. However, investing in the Australian property market is not a child’s play. 

People often think that property investment always yields profit, while this may be true most of the time, it certainly isn’t the path of fortunes. 

Successful real estate investors make a lot of efforts researching and put a lot of resources to ensure that everything turns out favourably. 

It is suggested to hire a property valuer like to help you make the right investment decisions. 

Here, we have listed down a few tips for investors to make more money out of their investment with lesser efforts. 

1. House Flipping

One of the best means to make a profitable real estate investment is by house repairing and flipping. Initially, you buy an investment property with a lower market value and then repair it, update it and then sell it at a profitable price. 

You can make some significant renovations in the property that will enhance its value to a large extent. You can always consult your property agent to know which changes will give high returns on the investment. 

2. Make the Estate attractive for tenants.

If you have made an investment in residential property and are not living in it, then you can give it on rent. But for renting off your property, you have to make it charming for the potential tenants. 

If your property is in good condition, you will attract a better quality of renters. Moreover, it would help if you kept in mind that you would want to sell this property in future. If it is appealing to the investors as well as your tenants, you will have a broader market for the property, and this will surely maximize the selling price of your investment.

3. Renting while Living

If your home is bigger than your requirements, you can give it on rent while living in it. It is also an excellent way to earn some extra money. If you have any additional floor, rooms or space in your house, you can put it on rent. This will obtain you extra monthly income and will also help to maintain your large property easily. 

  • Explore Cost Cutting Methods

When buying investment properties in Australia, there are ongoing costs that continue after your initial investment. Investment properties require property managers, regular maintenance and yearly tax payments. These costs add up, but you can help to reduce them. A tax depreciation schedule is a table that lists the amount of tax deductions for each year of the property’s life. A tax depreciation schedule is an important part of calculating the amount you can claim for your investment property. They can also be used to work out the minimum amount you need to pay to keep the same level of deductions. The amount of tax deductions you can claim will depend on a number of different factors some of the major factors include the age of the property, the area it’s in and maintenance requirements.

4. Choosing the Right Property at an Accurate Value

It is essential to choose a property that is likely to increase in value over the years. You should also make sure that you are paying the right price for the property. 

Out of all the other investment, real estate is more challenging to price. This can be beneficial as well as disadvantageous for you. To make it beneficial, you need to be patient as well as knowledgable. The critical factor is to do your research, employ a real estate agent and get the property evaluated. This can save you from both investing in the wrong property and paying the wrong price as well.

5. Understand the Market Trends

Acknowledge the other properties being sold in that area and converse with locals as well as property agents. You can also access independent information about the property market from different sources to get an idea about the average rents, property values and neighbourhood reports.  

Consider the changes that will take place in the area where your property is located because that can highly affect its value in future. For instance, if you buy a property in a remote area where development is anticipated shortly. Once, the area develops, the estate’s value increases, and then you can sell it at the right time. 

6. Pick the Right Loan

There are a lot of loans and mortgages available in the market for property investors. It would help if you considered the rate of interest, period and various other factors before you choose a loan. 

Understanding your monthly cash flow, budget and the trends of your property’s market can help you decide whether a fixed-rate loan or a variable-rate loan is suitable for you. 


While there are a lot of other things that can help you make the right property investment, this list will surely help you to a great extent. In-depth research and accurate understanding of market trends can gain you a lucrative return from your investments. 

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