Six of the Most Widespread Misconceptions about Surfing

Six of the Most Widespread Misconceptions about Surfing

Six of the Most Widespread Misconceptions about Surfing | Since the classic Hawaiian practice was first brought to the attention of the world in the late 1800s, surfing has risen to be one of the more popular activities people can do when on or near the ocean. Naturally, this pastime has a number of misconceptions associated with it. If you’re interested in trying your hand at surfing and want to learn more, now is a great time to knock the incorrect information out of the way and gain insight into the truth of this exhilarating activity. 

1. Surfing Is a Simple Activity

Perhaps the biggest mistake that people make about surfing is that it is a very easy activity to get involved with. From a distance, it can seem as if surfers are merely standing still while the ocean does all of the work. Anyone who has actually tried to stand on a board in the midst of the tumult of the sea, however, understands just how difficult it can be. If you’re looking to grab a board and try out some surfing, be sure you come to the water knowing that it will be anything but a simple task. 

2. Surfing Isn’t Athletic

Despite the fact that statistics from recent years point out an average of 3 million people participate in surfing activities each year, there are still large swaths of the population who view the activity as little more than a way to pass the time. In truth, surfing requires a person to have a certain degree of athleticism. From balance to core strength, surfers often need to exercise on land to get their bodies ready for the demands of this sport.

3. Surfing Is Just a Hobby

Another misconception about surfing is that it is just a hobby. Estimates suggest that the amount of people who surf each year goes up by about 12 per cent, meaning it is one of the fastest growing sports in the entire world. Anyone who views surfing as a hobby has little-to-no experience with the sport. If you want to become more informed on matters related to this classic activity, take time to review a surf report Gold Coast. This can offer you perspective on all surfing matters and related news. 

4. Surfing Is a Summertime Activity

Though images of surfing tend to invoke feelings of warm weather and sunshine, the idea that the sport is only meant for the summertime is completely false. In fact, people who consistently surf usually live in regions where it is warm and agreeable throughout the year. From Hawaii to California to Florida, surfing is perfect for any season. Even people who live along the American East Coast will endure the chilly waters of winter to get in some time on their boards. 

5. Surfing Is a Solo Activity

While it is true that a person tends to surf on his or her own, it is far from a solo sport. In fact, most surfers rely on others in order to make the most of their experiences in the water. Surfing alone is very dangerous. All it takes is one rogue wave and you could find yourself struggling to stay afloat. By always going into the sea with a friend, trainer, or other qualified professional, you can stay safe and maximise your overall enjoyment.

6. Surfers Dislike Beginners 

Finally, many people who are looking to start surfing hesitate out of fear that experienced athletes will judge or look down on them. This is very far from the actual truth. Though there is strict etiquette surfers follow, most are more than happy to see new people take a serious interest in the sport. As long as you respect the rules and other surfers, you’re bound to fit right in.

Surfing is a fantastic way to spend time outside, get some exercise, and enjoy a new way of looking at the world. Learn more about how beginners can get started and set up a session to experience the thrill for yourself.