Six B2B Marketing Strategies For Demand Generation

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ExecutiveChronicles | Six B2B Marketing Strategies For Demand Generation | The need to reach customers has been the same since the beginning of time, but how we reach them changes as technology advances. So if you’re marketing to businesses you need to ensure your message reaches them on their terms and in the way they prefer, whether on their desktop computers or connected TVs. 

Creating demand for your products or services isn’t always easy – but it’s essential if you want to grow your business and stay competitive. Unfortunately, demand generation in the B2B world usually falls under the marketing department’s purview, making it all the more important that marketing efforts focus on quality and quantity. 

Whether you have a team of just one or one hundred, these six strategies will help you understand how to market to businesses effectively.

1) Referral Programs

Business owners should consider implementing referral programs to help generate demand for their products or services. In addition, referral programs can be a great way to connect with potential customers and build relationships. 

Plus, referral programs can be a cost-effective way to market your business. When generating demand, it pays to give people something in return for spreading the word about your product or service. 

2) Influencer Marketing

Business owners should consider using influencer marketing to reach their target market. Influencers are people with a large following who can promote your product or service to their audience. 

This type of marketing can be very effective, but choosing the right influencer is important and ensuring that your product or service is a good fit for their audience. Then, once you’ve found the perfect match, work together to create content your audience can’t get behind. 

3) Develop a Content Strategy

If you want to generate demand for your business, content marketing is one of the best ways to do it. By creating and distributing high-quality content, you can attract attention and interest from your target audience. 

Plus, if you use connected TV (CTV) as part of your content strategy, you can reach even more people with your message. Connected TVs are now available in over 87% of U.S. homes. With over 60% of users watching connected TV at least once a day on average, they have become an important avenue for marketers to connect with consumers. 

CTV allows viewers to stream media directly onto their televisions without needing a personal computer or set-top box like TiVo. It’s easy to watch Netflix, YouTube, and other video streaming services on a connected TV, so why not take advantage of this trend by using it as part of your B2B marketing strategy? 

4) Use Connected TV to Beef Up Your Social Engagement

Connected TV (CTV) is a great way to reach a wider audience, and it’s also a great way to beef up your social engagement. 

It should come as no surprise that more than one-third of internet users watch video content on their TVs at least once per week. That number is expected to grow in the coming years. The world’s most popular streaming service, Netflix, has nearly 50 million subscribers. 

More than half of them are over 35 years old and watch more than two hours of video daily! As advertisers continue shifting their budget away from TV ads and digital advertising, it makes sense to take advantage of this medium before its popularity wanes. 

5) Seminar Marketing

Sponsoring or hosting a seminar is a great way to generate demand for your product or service. You can promote your seminar through email marketing, social media, and traditional advertising. 

Make sure to choose a topic that will interest your target market, and ensure the seminar is well-organized and informative. Some companies have successfully partnered with other business associations or organizations as a sponsor. 

Another option is offering a free webinar instead of an in-person event; this saves time and money while still reaching people across the country interested in the subject matter.

6) Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective demand generation strategies for B2B businesses. By sending targeted emails to your list of subscribers, you can generate leads, nurture prospects, and close deals. 

Plus, email marketing is relatively inexpensive and easy to get started with. Many companies spend less than $10 monthly on an email service provider. And if you have a limited budget, plenty of free services will do the trick. 

Make a Customer, Not a Sale.

We hope this guide proves helpful, and we gave you some good insight into the importance of demand generation in your business. Remember, the old saying goes, no lead, no sale. So make sure you are attracting potential customers through marketing.