Should You Invest In The Gold Market? 

Is American Hartford Gold Right For Me and My Family? Should You Invest In The Gold Market? 
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ExecutiveChronicles | Should You Invest In The Gold Market? | Most of the chairmen of the Federal Reserve have been prudent fans of gold. Since the Federal Reserve is the institution that’s responsible for creating money and printing it, this statement holds even more power. Diversifying your assets is something that you should strive to do whenever you invest. 

The equal distribution of your wealth into different spectrums is one of the cornerstones of crafting a stable portfolio. Usually, the information that’s presented online tells you to have cash at hand that’s good for six months, which is an emergency fund. Click here to read more. 

Additionally, you should have the money in bonds, stocks, and real estate. Well, this portfolio is missing a pillar, which is gold. A portfolio without gold is extremely superficial because of the depreciation of the most popular currency in the world, which is the dollar. 

Depreciation works like corrosion because it eats away at your savings, and it also decreases your strength in terms of buying power. The simplest reason to buy gold is to watch what the banks are doing. Why on earth would they be buying and hoarding gold when it’s an asset that costs a lot in terms of storage and it doesn’t earn interest? 

One of the most obvious answers is because it is the ultimate form of money, and it has intrinsic value that no other asset possesses. Understanding currencies means understanding gold, and knowing how the dollar gets made will definitely urge you to hoard as many precious metals as possible.  

Why should you buy gold? 

If you were to go out and ask every single investor who has gold in their portfolio why they have it, the most common answer would definitely be diversification. It’s simple, and it gives you peace of mind. Most investing happens in the future because you’re expecting your assets to appreciate in value, which is based on them performing as they did in the past. 

However, there are plenty of black swan events that can’t be predicted, which is why you need a backup plan just in case. No one expected the crisis in 2008, even though there were plenty of warning signs. The same thing happened now with the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Visit this link for more .

The world will get divided in two again, and you need to have a proper plan that’s structured correctly in case a currency gets debased, bonds start losing value, and the stock market crashes. Having a hard asset like gold will handle all of that risk without breaking a sweat. 

The most famous gold dealers are Swiss, and they always recommend their clients to have a 10 to 20 percent share of their portfolio in gold. There’s a pretty good reason for that. Way beyond the normal risks of a company failing and a stock losing value, there’s an additional danger of inflation and currency depreciation. 

The value of a specific currency like the dollar, euro, pesos, yen, and ruble is based on government and central bank policies, as well as fiscal management. It’s quite possible for bonds to lose value, even though they’ve been issued out for the right reasons, just because a currency got debased. You don’t want to be on the receiving end on that kind of blow, especially without a backup plan.  

How to find a good company? 

A lot of things change over the course of a lifetime. New countries get formed, the political landscape switches, and the economic situation of gold in stock market can boom or bust. Throughout all of these changes, you want to be informed and ready. 

Usually, the mainstream media doesn’t do their job properly and doesn’t inform on trends that would be of value to the average gold investor. That’s why you need to find a company that will share the correct news with you. Luckily, nowadays, there are websites that make information easily accessible, and you can also sign up for a few newsletters and see which one you like most. 

Pick one that coincides with your personal preference and schedule an interview with a broker to try and probe their mind for more knowledge. Finding a person who is engaged in your interests, acts professionally, and has a way with words when it comes to presenting knowledge will be a valuable asset in your journey. 

Then, try to make the distinction between a company that’s oriented to their customers versus one that’s devoted to their clients. If you’re treated like a customer, you won’t get the attention you deserve. Find a client-centric firm that’s willing to help you accomplish your goals as an investor in precious metals.  

Watch out for aggressive sales tactics

If you start feeling a pushy attitude from a company, that might be a red flag. Getting consistent emails, repeated calls, and messages is not something that reputable companies do. If you feel like a company is persistently trying to sell you something that you don’t want, then it’s probably a wise choice to look for another vendor. 

Resist the urge to buy and look for more information, and don’t make the decision until you’re completely sure. The best choice is a company that has a satisfied customer base. It doesn’t have to be the largest firm around, but it’s enough to know that they will handle your inquiries and questions in a professional and friendly manner. That will serve your best interests.  

Photo by Michael Steinberg from Pexels