Sending Gifts to Your Friends Back Home Is a Love Language

Sending Gifts to Your Friends Back Home Is a Love Language generosity

ExecutiveChronicles | Sending Gifts to Your Friends Back Home Is a Love Language | Are you currently away working abroad? You are probably missing your family and friends. Don’t let the distance get to you. Here are gift ideas that might help.

As we’re growing old, the concept of gift-giving and surprises change too. From individual gifting to realizing Friend group gifting is easy and more appropriate for the one who is receiving the gift. Back then, we like to go grand with a friend’s birthday. There are the planned surprises, the get-together, the karaoke nights, and of course the cake-blowing. Those things are all fun, and there’s no wonder why these are the things we miss the most with our friends, too. The shared moments, the laughter, the bonding, and most of all, the memories. But part of growing up and adulting means having responsibilities, and one day you will realize that you and your friends now rarely see each other. One day you will realize that all of you are in different places and even countries now. That does not mean that you’ve forgotten each other; it is just that the way life is.

After the pandemic happened, the hopes of going home and spending time with your friends only became more far-fetched. Even if you’ve booked a ticket home, you have no choice but to cancel everything. So you find ways to reconnect with your friends, there are Zoom parties and Netflix parties, and you send them occasional gifts. Although that is not the same as those surprise parties you used to have, that should be enough for your true friends.

So if you are looking for meaningful gift ideas that would make it up for the distance and the lost time for your friends, here are some:

Food Collection

Remember those times when you’ve tried something at that new restaurant at home, and you cannot wait to tell your friends about it? Well, you can still do that, and besides, you can never go wrong with food.

Although your friends won’t be able to try out Canada’s finest poutine with you, you can send them local treats, chips, candies, chocolates, and even canned goods that you enjoy. You can even curate your own food box to be more thoughtful and artistic. But before you send a parcel, do not forget to check the expiration dates and whether the food can withstand the logistics situation.


Sending postcards is not outdated. It is a forgotten form of a love language. It is literally a way to tell your family and friends where you have been before you get home to tell the stories.

Being away from your home country is hard, but it can also be rewarding as you can travel and see new places. Even if you are not in Canada as a tourist, you can still go and see Cape Spear. Take a break from work and enjoy its peaceful view, and be surprised that it would somehow remind you of Batanes, an archipelagic province in the Philippines.

You can even ask your friends about what they think by sending them postcards. Instead of simply asking them to Google the place and uploading it to your Instagram, you can share your experiences through postcards and souvenirs. It is more personal, and your friend(s) would know that you wished they were there with you to have a hot cup of coffee enjoying the ocean view.

Collectible Local Mugs

Speaking of coffee, sending your friends iconic and local mugs is also a great way to send your love and regards. For some people, receiving mugs as gifts could be boring, but for adults, receiving any glassware that we could use is divine!

If you and your friends like to go out on coffee dates, they will then love to receive mugs from Canada. Not those white ones with cheap prints on them, but those you can buy from local stores. Handcrafted mugs and even Tim Horton mugs would be great. Especially if you guys have a knack for collecting coffee shops’ mugs, your friends would love this idea!

Having coffee with your friends is a breath of fresh air. When you’re all stressed at work, or struggling with relationships, coffee with friends is almost akin to enjoying alcoholic drinks with them. Of course, coffee sessions are much calmer and peaceful than the latter.

While you are at it, you can also send them local coffee beans that you enjoy. Don’t worry; ground beans can last up to months with proper sealing.

Being away from home is hard. You would get homesick, and you probably were scared of losing relationships and friendships that you have back at home. However, that shouldn’t be the case with true friendship. Even with platonic relationships, real ones endure the distance and absence with care, understanding, and communication.