Secrets to Happier Employees Revealed

Ann Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles

Employee retention is one of the most difficult challenges that Human Resource Managers have to take.

While it seems that the best option is to offer the departing employee a raise, it will always turn out that money won’t be the only reasons that employees have for leaving.

Additional bonuses, company perks and privileges or additional days off won’t keep them happy. Employers should also realize that employees must be shown that they are appreciated, respected and valued not just on a professional level.

Employees having high job satisfactions are more productive, engaged with their work and have strong loyalty to their companies.

The following are what hiring managers, HR experts and business leaders think of when they are asked to share their thoughts on the best ways to keep employees satisfied when salary isn’t the driving factor.

Here are the Secrets to Happier Employees

  1. Be Transparent – It pays to be truthful. Employees deserve to know how the company is performing. Employees appreciate the facts or current conditions of the company.
  2. Make Life-Balance a Priority – Employees want to feel connected to the organization.
  3. Encourage communication in common areas – Communication and collaboration is key to a highly successful workforce. Team dynamics is encouraged to be part of the companies’ culture.
  4. Teach employees how to create a career plan – Ensure that employees know their company’s plan for their career growth.
  5. Recognize and Reward – It always pays to pat employees on the back and recognize outstanding achievements in the organization.
  6. Healthy Employees are Happy Employees – When employees are healthy, they are more productive and they feel less stressed about what they do.
  7. Offer Not So Basic Benefits – Offer simple perks that add to the regular privileges that employees have. This way, they become more satisfied with their employment and won’t seek another job elsewhere.
  8. Lessen Emailing and Meetings – Make the day more productive. Schedule a time for checking and replying to emails. Make meetings shorter and more meaningful.
  9. Make Employees Have A Sense of Purpose in the Organization – Identify the importance of each person in the organization, and make sure that employees know about it.
  10. Keep within Reach – Oftentimes, bosses are far from reach, make sure that bosses are approachable and available for sound advice when an employee needs them.
  11. Encourage Suggestions – It’s a proven fact that suggestions or observations for improvement from employees can steer employers to the right direction in creating a more positive and creative work environment. Conducting a survey to know customer satisfaction levels will help reap business benefits in the future.

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