What To Do When The Screen Of The Iphone Is Cracked?

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ExecutiveChronicles | A cracked screen isn’t a significant issue among the youths today. However, things might turn ugly when we strive to ignore the problem for a long time. Sometimes it is too late for us to approach the iPhone screen repair in San Francisco experts and we end up sending even more money than what we planned. Thus, we must identify whether the screen is fixable or not at an early stage. If the display works even after the screen has broken, we might have to find a way to fix things before it gets worse. We don’t have to panic at that time and shouldn’t in any way, choose between purchasing another phone. The tips mentioned below can help us in dealing with the situation quickly when we observe a crack on some corner of the phone.

Arrange for a backup

If we can still use the phone after the screen breaks the first thing we ought to do is make sure to back up every single data we would need. If the screen is broken, it can be fixed. However, if the screen goes off and someone we lose all the data, no matter what, we can’t get the files back. We can also transfer the files on the computer if we fail to have a proper internet connection.

Check out the insurance policy

If we had arranged for the insurance policy for the phone, the next step should be to check whether the screen is covered in it or not. Insurance policy can help an individual a lot at such a time. At this time, we have to arrange everything so that the professionals can fix the screen under the insurance.

What if we don’t have insurance?

In case if we don’t have phone insurance, we can always see if we can still use the phone even with the crack. If the crack is minor and doesn’t disturb the display, we can ask the expert away if the problem can damage the display someday. If everything seems fine, we can leave it be. However, while the professionals are trying to fix the screen, we can use an old phone. If we still don’t have any older ones, we can always ask for a friend’s.

Approaching the manufacture

After identifying the issue and the insurance aspect, we would have to see if the company can take up the charge and repair the screen. If yes, we can contact them since approaching the third party wouldn’t be as effective. If the phone has gone above the warranty period, we can approach the repair shops near the house or calm for an online company better at doing the job. Fixing the screen of an iPhone can be a big deal, and we need a company experienced and trained enough in the job.

DIY solutions

We can always do it on our own if we are confident enough in the area. Of course, we also need appropriate tools and skills for that. We would need a repair kit for repairing the screen. However, if we are doing it on our own, we need to make sure that we don’t end up risking everything. If we make even a small mistake, the entire phone can be permanently damaged. Also, if we have a little doubt, we shouldn’t use this particular way unless we are entirely sure of our capabilities.


We can approach the Cell phone repair in San Francisco shop called iPhone Repairing to fix the screen crack issue. We don’t have to be anxious after the screen breaks and start to analyse the situation according to the points mentioned above.