Say Aloha to Paradise: 5 Hawaii Vacation Planning Tips for the Trip of a Lifetime

Say Aloha to Paradise: 5 Hawaii Vacation Planning Tips for the Trip of a Lifetime

Say Aloha to Paradise: 5 Hawaii Vacation Planning Tips for the Trip of a Lifetime | When it comes to holiday destinations, there aren’t much more iconic than Hawaii. This archipelago is home to beautiful sandy beaches, tropical jungle, and all the comforts of home. It’s no wonder then, that in 2019 more than 10 million visitors chose Hawaii for a vacation.

So, if you’re planning your first Hawaii vacation in the near future, what do you need to know? What are some Hawaii vacation tips that can make your trip truly magical?

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how you can make your trip to Hawaii truly perfect. Read on and learn more!

  1. Don’t Just Stick to Oahu

Oahu is a stunning island and it’s a truly wonderful place for a vacation. However, while Honolulu may be on your bucket list, it’s not the only island worth visiting in Hawaii.

We’d specifically recommend that you also pay a visit to Kauai. This island is a lot smaller than Oahu, and a lot less commercial. Here, you’ll find incredible, undisturbed nature and a sense of escapism.

  1. Don’t Go During Golden Week

Hawaii is very popular with Japanese tourists due to its relative closeness. This means that during Golden Week, a period where Japanese people get four days off work, which means that many people choose to visit Hawaii during this week, which can make it feel much more crowded than normal.

While the precise dates of Golden Week vary from year to year, it always begins on April 29th, and will end between May 3rd and May 6th.

  1. Consider Going on a Tour

There’s a lot to see in Hawaii, and your pre-visit research will only go so far. For this reason, we’d recommend that you go on a tour if you want to see everything that this amazing archipelago has to offer.

You could also consider going on a package tour, which is a vacation where activities and trips are arranged for you. You can find more information about these packages on the tour operator’s sites.

  1. Be Smart When It Comes to Sunscreen

You’re going to need sunscreen in Hawaii, as you probably already guessed. However, you can’t pack any old sunscreen.

You see, Hawaii knows that its natural scenery is a massive draw, and as such, they want to protect it. Certain sunscreens can cause damage to sea life, so you’ll need to make sure that you only take reef-safe sunscreen. Other sunscreens are banned on the island.

  1. Make Sure You Plan a Hawaii Vacation That’s Long Enough

Getting to Hawaii from the west coast of the US takes around six hours, and it can take a lot longer from other parts of the country. This means that jet lag and travel fatigue can take their toll, and you probably won’t feel truly relaxed until a few days have passed.

For this reason, you need to plan a vacation of at least 10 days if you want to really enjoy yourself.

Get Ready for Your Dream Vacation

Your dream Hawaii vacation is waiting for you. Follow the tips that we’ve given you, and you’ll be in for the best vacation of your life.

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