How to Save Money When Travelling for Business

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Travelling for business can be a pleasure, but more often than not it is horrendous. It’s stressful and expensive and you rarely get a proper chance to explore the country or city you’re visiting. I can’t make your business trip any less stressful; however I can help you to make it less expensive, with a few easy tips and tricks.

Advance Booking

Booking in advance isn’t always possible as it requires you to know way in advance that you’re going on a business trip. A client might ring to arrange a meeting a week in advance, which means you aren’t going to be able to get the massive price slash benefits of someone who is booking months before the actual trip. If you do know way in advance, however, make sure you book as early as possible. You will be surprised by the amount you can save.


If you have the option to book business trips in advance then try to book them out of peak tourist season. Booking outside of summer will be a lot cheaper. Summer holidays are very expensive for fliers and even though you’re going to be sat in a meeting room instead of a sun lounger, you will need to pay the extra like everyone else.

Roaming Charges

Chances are you will need to use you mobile phone whilst abroad. This can be very expensive when you factor in the roaming charges. If you unlock your phone beforehand then you will be able to buy a localised SIM and roam freely. Most phone companies will unlock your phone for you, however they will charge a lot and it will take a while, whereas if you go through, you will be able to do it quickly and cheaply, saving both money and time.

Reward Programmes

You know when you go to Starbucks enough they end up giving you a free coffee, well it’s the same with hotels and airlines. If you make frequent visits to the same city make sure you stay at the same hotel and inquire about any reward programmes they offer. If all of your trips are taken by air, speak to the airline about reward programmes, which will most commonly be in the form of ‘frequent flier’ bonuses. They will eventually enable you to save a lot.

Added Extras and the Big Picture

When flying, airlines like to add on extra, sneaky charges. Be on the lookout for these. Even if you think you’re getting a good deal on the tickets, you might get unwanted and unexpected costs. This is also true for hotels, so make sure you check for added extras like having to pay for Wi-Fi. After you factor these in, try and look for alternatives, for example it might be cheaper to drive to the location with a hire car after getting a ferry, or stay in a more expensive hotel, but one that doesn’t charge for the extras.

Do some solid research about your journey and you won’t get lumped with unwanted extras.