Safety Tips when Travelling Alone


By Ana Margarita Olar |

Travelling alone exposes you to many hazards but if you cannot avoid it or you want to be just by “yourself” here are some safety tips:

Secure your documents before you travel

Before to go on with your travel, take pictures or a photocopy of your documents especially when you’re on a trip abroad. These include passport, ID’s, reservations, plane tickets. Also leave one set of these copies to your friend back home and have another set of copies hidden in your bag separate from the original. In the case of theft, you’ll have a remaining copy of your documents saving you from further problem or hassle.

Secure your belongings during your travel

One safety tip when walking alone especially on a tourist area where there is a large crowd is to keep in mind is that there is a chance that you might be a victim or slashed bag or pickpockets that you will only notice when it’s too late. So to be a little safer, carry backpacks or shoulder bags in front of you so that you’ll have your belongings in sight all the time.

Always Stay Alert

This may decrease your enjoyment in sight seeing but staying alert can save you from lots of trouble. Be observant of the situation around you. Pickpockets have lots of modus to distract their victims by creating a chaotic situation, using children to surround you, or simply engaging in a conversation. Another safety tip to stay alert is limiting your alcohol consumption. Remember that you are not thoroughly familiar with the locals and with the area so try to keep your sanity by not being drunk.  Mingle with the locals, enjoy sightseeing but remember to stay alert.


Blend In

Because tourists are unfortunately targeted mostly as victim of robbery or worst, kidnapping, so when you travel, try to not look as a tourist by following these tips:

  • Learning a few useful local language such as thank you, help me, where is the police station, and I’m lost where is the hotel among others.
  • Have knowledge of the locals’ culture and customs. Do not assume that the regular habits you do at home are okay to do on another country. Being knowledgeable keeps you out of hassle, awkward, or dangerous situations.
  • If possible, dress like a local. So nothing will suggest to potential robbers to rob you or to potential kidnappers to get you.
  • Befriend residents near your hotel. Have your instinct tell you whether they can be trusted or not.

Don’t tell everyone that you’re alone.

This tip is very wise especially most of the people nowadays post their “at the moment” travel photo with a caption “Alone” on social media which means broadcasting to the whole world that you are indeed alone. This is a safety violation since it can attract people with bad intentions to go on with their plan.

Don’t bring unnecessary valuables with you

Jewellery, expensive gadgets, and other valuables must be left in the safety of your home. For taking pictures, bring a decent camera, nothing more, and nothing less. In case, you can’t leave your laptop just bring along a cheaper one that you won’t be devastated in case it‘s lost.

Learn basic Self-defence

Anytime and anywhere, violent attacks or assault is possible, so you need to have knowledge on how to defend yourself but also be observant of the situation if you need to fight or not.