Running Google Ads is Better Than SEO Alone

Running Google Ads is Better Than SEO Alone | Running Google Ads is Better Than SEO Alone | It’s no secret that SEO is a must if you want to enjoy increased traffic as well as sales and profits. Did you know that there is a faster and more effective alternative to this approach? It’s none other than running Google Ads, which allows you to showcase your business.

You can do this on your own. However, most of the time, it’s a better idea to seal the deal with a Google Ads specialist. Leaving the job to the pro helps substantially increase the odds that having Google Ads will take your money-making venture to new heights.

Many benefits come with running Google Ads the right way. Each one of them is vital to keep your business up and running. These days when the ongoing pandemic has changed the e-commerce landscape, you can benefit tremendously from it. Here are some of the benefits of Google Ads:

Optimized Brand

Everyone knows that having Google Ads do not come free of charge. So, in other words, it’s obvious that you have the money if you can advertise your business on Google. Compared to a business without money, one that has enough of it is more reliable.

By running Google Ads, your current and prospective customers will think that you can be trusted. No consumer would want to get a product or service from an online business that may close up shop anytime soon due to a lack of sufficient budget.

Increased Traffic

When it comes to e-commerce, nothing is more important than snatching one of the top spots on search engine results pages or SERPs. The majority of people who wish to get their hands on products or services on the internet focus only on SERPs’ top few entries.

Especially when advertising on Google is paired with SEO for organic results, it’s very much likely for your site to get lots of traffic.

Stretched Budget

Running Google Ads comes with a price tag, alright. However, it enables you to have full control over the amount of money you would like to shell out. Here’s something that will delight the budget-conscious business owner in you: there’s no minimum involved.

Google Ads allow you to decide how much you spend daily or monthly. What’s more, you only pay when a person shopping online clicks your ad.

Enhanced Analytics

It’s not enough that you take an assortment of steps to make your online business stay afloat. Getting an idea of the results of your moves is also a must. Did someone click on your ad? Did a visitor order a product? Did a potential customer call or sent an email to inquire?

Knowing the results allows you to measure your success. Besides having Google Ads, you should also utilize various analytical tools to ensure that you are on the right track. Through this, there’s no need to do the guessing game, which can put your business at risk.


Refrain from assuming that running Google Ads is a surefire way to increase traffic to your site and, ultimately, boost your sales and profits. The main goal is to send the right message in the right place and at the right time, too.

This is when the importance of hiring a Google Ads specialist comes in. Don’t just hire any expert that you can find online. The right specialist for the job is the one with an extraordinary portfolio consisting of successful online businesses, ranging from small to massive.

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