Running for the Beginner: 3 Top Tips for Starting Your Running Journey

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Running for the Beginner: 3 Top Tips for Starting Your Running Journey | Did you know 21% of Americans regularly use a wearable fitness tracker or a smartwatch? As these gadgets become more affordable, more people have started tracking their fitness journey.

However, building an exercise routine can be tricky. With so many activities and options, it’s hard to know where to start.

Whether you’re looking to start a new fitness routine or add to an existing one, running is an excellent way to strengthen your body. However, how do you get started on your running journey?

We’re here to help you out. Keep reading below to learn our top three tips for running!

  1. Find the Perfect Running Shoes

You shouldn’t hit the streets in just any old shoe. Not only are high-quality shoes more comfortable, but they’ll also protect you from putting too much stress on your feet.

However, everyone’s shoe needs are different. It’s best to visit a shoe store or athletic gear store to get fitted. Whether you have high arches or are more flat-footed, the right shoes are critical in ensuring you have a safe and productive run.

  1. Focus on Nutrition

What you eat and drink both before and after your run is really important. Before running, it’s wise to drink 1-2 cups of water an hour before your run. You want to make sure you’re staying thoroughly hydrated.

If you plan on running for over 1½ hours, take not only a water bottle but also a sports drink. Sports drinks like Gatorade provide you with sodium and electrolytes.

About 1½ hours before your run, eat a light snack that’s rich in carbs. Following your run, you’ll want to bulk up on protein and more carbs.

You’ll want to consume around 100 calories immediately after your run. A protein powder like the Vanilla & Goji Plant Protein by fitppl delivers a strong hit of protein and can be added to anything from smoothies to chia pudding—check out more from fitppl to learn about all their superfood options.

  1. Be Patient

You won’t be able to run a marathon after your first week of running. It’ll take time to build up endurance, and it’s important to remember that you won’t see results right away.

A good way to stay motivated as you begin is by using the run-walk method. The run-walk method encourages you to alternate between short intervals of running and walking. As you continue your running routine, you’ll be able to eventually cut out more and more of the walking intervals.

Also, be careful not to overwork yourself. Eventually, you’ll be able to handle longer runs, but you shouldn’t push yourself to run long distances as a beginner. Consider making a chart of your weekly goals to ensure you stay on track while also being safe.

Develop Your Personal Running Routine

Running is great for getting a kick of energy, and it’s an easy way to break into the world of physical fitness. With the running tips above, you’ll be picking up speed in no time!

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