Roto-Rooter: professional plumbers for your business


By Nadj Villaver via

All businesses need a trusted partner, even when it comes to their plumbing needs. Whether you run restaurants, fast-food outlets, hotels or condominium units, shopping malls or even schools, your plumbing needs require different specializations. Roto-Rooter offers tailor-fit services for business establishment that varies from installation, repair, and maintenance of plumbing and drain pipe systems.Roto-Rooter provides full-service commercial plumbing and drain cleaning services to large and small businesses. Among the services the services they offer are:

(1) Electro-mechanical drain cleaning. Roto-Rooter’s own designed machine with rotating cable could penetrate different bended pipes, open blocked lines and scrape-off sticking materials on the walls of drain lines. These hard, sticky materials will be broken into bits and pieces to easily drain them out of the piping system.

(2) High pressure water jetting. Roto-Rooter’s dedicated high pressure water jetter clears grease, debris, silt and dirt in the drain line. This is usually done after the electro-mechanical cleaning. Jetter heads have front jet that breaks off the blockage and rear jets that completely clear the walls and drain off broken down grease, debris, silt and dirt.

(3) Grease trap maintenance. Grease traps were designed to hold and stop grease including other kitchen waste from sinks and lavatories; that becomes accumulated and later on stick on the walls, screens, and baffle on drain lines. Grease traps should be cleaned regularly to get utmost effectiveness and benefit. With such, Roto-Rooter can eliminate occurrence of back flow and blockage.

(4) Preventive Maintenance Agreement. De-clogging and cleaning of drain lines on regular basis is the best long-term way to protect the daily business operation.

In addition to all standard tools, Roto-Rooter Vans are equipped with specialized equipment such as high pressure jetting equipment, line locators, fiber optic line inspection cameras and more.

The next time you experience dripping faucets or need sewer pipe replacement, schedule a service via phone call +632 535-21-65 or through their easy online scheduling system at Be it an emergency call or regular preventive maintenance schedule, no company comes to a job site better equipped than Roto-Rooter.