Road Trip Safety Tips For Kids

road trip safety tips

Long drives to your favorite summer destinations may have been that fun and crazy, but things might have changed now that you have kids. We’re not saying that there’s no more fun, but here are road trip safety tips to make that adventure likeable than you expect.


  1. Have a separate bag for you and your kids. It’ll be easier for you to locate their toys or towels when it’s not mixed up with your hair brush and other makeup tools.


  1. Bring their favorite snacks because you’ll never know when they’ll throw tantrums because of hunger or boredom.


  1. If you’re on a private vehicle, and if you’ve brought along two kids or more, having a seating arrangement would be one of the road trip safety tips that you should always remember. Separate those who are most likely to quarrel during the trip, and get the youngest or most vulnerable seated nearest you.


  1. Have the essentials ready, such as tissue or wipes, alcohol, small towels, bottles of water, diapers (if applicable), and extra clothes. This is one of the road trip safety tips to remember for your convenience.


  1. Plan your trip carefully and make stops. Especially if it’s a long drive, stop at convenience stores or fast food chains with restrooms if ever someone needs it. Also, we all know that kids couldn’t sit still if it’s been two hours already, so give them some time to run around and do some stretching.


  1. Bring distractions. If reprimanding them after a short petty fight on your way to your destination doesn’t do the trick, hand them their tablets or toys. Most kids today know how to use gadgets at the age of two.


  1. Make sure that your destination is kid-friendly. If you’re off to a resort or beach, see to it that there are areas safe for kids, with water levels not exceeding their reach. If you’re looking for a hotel, choose one like Azalea Hotel and Residences in Baguio which has play areas where they could play while you order your dinner.