RO Water: AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

RO Water

Pure and healthy drinking water is the most basic and necessary thing in everyday life. When we talk about safe and pure drinking water, we often have water-purifiers in our mind. It is a fact that when you choose any water-purifier, it’s a life-changing decision. To add assurance to your choice, RO care India has made it clear about the process of purification, which said about the seven-stage purification technique that provides with safe drinking water. Not just that but it also helps to build up customer relationship with the help of customer care services. To ensure this, they offer a wide range of services of RO AMC plans. AMC refers to Annual Maintenance Contract, which aims to provide professional services to the customers like installation, repairing, and maintenance. Also, the toll-free customer care number offers 24*7 helpline to customers, where they can ask for help.

RO AMC also ensures that you get safe and healthy drinking water at all times of the year.  The repair and maintenance staff of RO India comprises of highly trained and professional servicemen who not just repair but understand your water purifier. For this reason, ro water purifier purifiers have a longer life than most other purifiers. They provide their customers with an annual maintenance contract (AMC) that is planned to ensure customer satisfaction to all those users who have trusted them.

Following are the six RO AMC plans (annual maintenance contract) which deal with the maintenance of filters, membranes, faulty parts, electrical parts and other services. Currently, they are taking AMC in NCR region including Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad, Noida, and Ghaziabad and all over India. The cost of these plans varies according to the benefits they provide.

RO Maintenance And Its Importance

Water being the most indispensable phase of human life and source of sustenance it is very vital to have purified water for consumption purposes. Most of the water-borne ailments are affecting the lives of lots of human beings.  Lack of safe ingesting water. Ro cleaner makes it viable to have pure and protected consuming water handy to the mass.

RO Care India is in the enterprise of water purification for extra than a decade now and is one of the famous . Upkeep of the same and path any servicing required after installation of the purifier.

 Once ro is installed, to get the cleanser to perform to the best of its capability and ensure its durability the preservation of the purifier is essential. Ro renovation service gives an enormous vary of services starting from the cleansing of the gadget periodically by using our professional technicians, well-timed assessment of the ro machine to ensure the most efficient carrier delivery. To e-book a go to by way of our skilled personnel for assistance involving the functioning of your ro cleanser you can call our toll free ro client care number.

Ro AMC (annual renovation contract) is the key to the smooth functioning of your machine because commonly with continuous filtering of water the cleanser goes via everyday wear and tear and this need to be constant with time to time upkeep and servicing. A varied vary of applications are on hand for their shoppers, and they can select any as per their convenience.

Ro plan offers the purchaser an opportunity to avail a massive range of services along with ro repair, installation, maintenance, removal and many others at one stop. On registering himself for RO AMC services, the purchaser is entitled to all the offerings inside the bundle for one full year from the date of registration. Ro AMC costs and programs have been created, maintaining in mind the various requirements of the consumers considering the finances and utilization thing as well.

 The registered purchaser consistently gets the first choice over the others for the service requests they area on them. The ro AMC charges are additionally satisfactory as per the market requirements for our registered customers.

Ro maintenance is being made handy and inexpensive with our wide variety of applications in particular delivered for the customers retaining in view the effecting fee service. Highly expert experts are there at your carrier on call to remedy any issue associated with the maintenance, restore or substitute of the water cleaner at your place. So, safe and healthful consuming water for wholesome lifestyles is just a name away at a toll-free number.

RO India AMC Plans and Charges

AMC Price (INR) Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Faulty Parts
AMC Plan 1 999 INR Yes No No No No
AMC Plan 2 2450 INR Yes Yes No No No
AMC Plan 3 2500 INR Yes No No Yes No
AMC Plan 4 4000 INR Yes Yes Yes No No
AMC Plan 5 5000 INR Yes Yes Yes Yes No
AMC Plan 6 6000 INR Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes