Returning to Work After COVID? Here’s How to Protect Yourself at Work

Returning to Work After COVID?

Returning to Work After COVID? Here’s How to Protect Yourself at Work | Just because rates of COVID are going down does not mean the pandemic is over. Still, you must return to work, but you want to return to a safe workplace. You want to know how to avoid COVID, even if you are vaccinated. 

Returning to work after COVID should be a top concern of employers, who want a safe workplace for their employees. Even with employer COVID guidelines, there are still more precautions you can take. 

Keep reading to learn all about returning to work after COVID. 

Mitigate Your Stress

Chances are that you feel stressed about returning to the office with COVID still milling around. Even among vaccinated people, precautions still need to be taken. The CDC has now issued new mask guidance that those who are vaccinated should still wear masks indoors if they live in hotspots. 

With the Delta variant abundant among the unvaccinated and unlucky vaccinated people, your apprehension of returning to work is real. Be sure to have ways to mitigate your stress. 

Try taking walks on your breaks to get fresh air and keep your distance from your coworkers. Speak to your supervisors and managers about your concerns. 

Everyone is in this together. You are not alone in these feelings. 

Make Your Needs Clear

Some coworkers may be a bit laxer when it comes to returning to the office after COVID. You don’t have to be, though. 

Make your needs known by speaking clear statements like the following:

  • “I am still wearing my mask indoors even though I’m vaccinated.”
  • “I am still social distancing, so please take a step back.” 
  • “I am following office protocol like we all should be doing.”

These statements are clear about your intentions when it comes to health and safety when returning to the office. Your coworkers may be annoyed, but remember that you are looking out for your own health, as well as a safe workplace. 

You could also ask your boss if they would consider a hybrid office and work-from-home schedule. That way, groups of coworkers could be isolated and come in on different days than another group. 

Plenty of Sanitizer and Cleaning Supplies

Though COVID doesn’t stick to surfaces as easily, you can still ask your boss if the workplace can make cleaning office supplies a priority. Especially if office supplies are shared between coworkers, then it is of utmost importance for health and safety. 

For a safe workplace, you want to sanitize your environment too. Everyone should be expected to keep their own work areas cleaned and sanitized. 

Be Careful Returning to Work After COVID

As COVID continues and develops into different variants, even vaccinated people need to be careful when returning to work. That said, returning to work after COVID should be a consensus from your employer to their employees. 

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