Relieve work-related stress with your art

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Every person has unique talents. Some use theirs to earn a living, while the majority uses their learned skills to make money. In most cases, there are people who think they get sidetrack if they do something about arts. It’s because arts such as music, dancing, painting, and creative writing are hobbies for don’t give monetary benefit.  However, arts can be your avenue to find balance and relieve your work related stress.

In day-to-day living, even if you earn high salary in your job, it’s not possible if sometimes you feel burn out and stressed.  According to American Psychological Association, burn out makes you prone to diabetes, obesity, chronic depression, and worst, premature death.  Meanwhile, if you always experience job stress, then it’s also possible that you develop irregular eating habits.  APA added that in the long run this also can cause weight and high blood problems.

(Credit: Pixabay)
(Credit: Pixabay)

To ease your work related stress, APA recommended make “personal time” and do non-job physical activities.  Meantime, the study entitled “The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health: A Review of Current Literature” suggested that doing creative activities boost health. This review of by Heather L. Stuckey (DEd) and Jeremy Nobel (MD, MPH) specifically research on how visual arts therapy music engagement, expressive writing, and movement-based creative expression. They found out expressing emotions through arts can lessen stress, changes in mood, and anxiety.

“Through the movement of mind and body in a creative way, stress and anxiety can be relieved, and other health benefits can be achieved as well,” a statement in the research about movement-based creative expression like dancing.   On the other hand, Stuckey and Nobel’s study shared doing visual arts is an outlet to express their inner thoughts that are hard to explain.

Business or work may bring food in the table, but doing arts works can bring harmony and quality of life. You don’t need to impress people with your arts, but you can express your feelings and fight stress with it.  In fact, you may even get simple art therapy with adult coloring books that are very popular nowadays.