Reasons to do Side Hustles Now

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Practically, you don’t have to be a freelancer to consider to have side hustles.  At this age, when every responsible adults shoulder multiple expenses, it’s normal to create multiple income streams for your financial security.

Doing side hustle is beneficial in your finances and perhaps your career too. According to Levo, side hustle is one the career terms or lessons you should know by now like career branding, elevator pitch, and culture fit.

“A way to make extra money by taking on a second (or third) job in your spare time. Whether driving for a ridesharing service or pursuing a true passion like wedding photography on the weekends, a side hustle is a chance to explore other talents without quitting your day job,”  Amy Elisa Jackson, Director of Partnerships & Social for Levo League, shared.

With this definition, doing side hustle doesn’t entail momentous step. However, somehow or someday your side hustle may become a new passion job you want to take for full-time.  For now, it’s the extra activity you can do for some good reasons like the following:

To build your emergency or travel fund.  Find a side hustle if you can’t save money for emergencies and impending expenses such as travel or training.  Though you may end up borrowing money from your friends, at least that will be your last option and the amount is minimal.

To keep money for your investments.  Using borrowed money to invest or financial leverage is okay, but it’s riskier than getting money from your personal savings.  Furthermore, you’ll have courage to invest if you have money to spare.

Credit: Pixabay

To maintain your preferred lifestyle.  Maintaining quality and healthy lifestyle is quite expensive nowadays.  Unlike in school, you can’t just submit promissory notes before you get medical and dental checkups. Same with buying fresh vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and other medicines.   If the idea of budgeting or cost-cutting is not your thing, the answer is look for side hustles now.