Reasons Proving the Necessity of Fume Extraction

fume extraction | Reasons Proving the Necessity of Fume Extraction | Not all working environments are the same. There are some workplaces, like construction sites and welding shop where the workers have to deal with different kinds of hazardous materials. Especially, people who work in the welding industry usually face a lot of fumes. Therefore fume extraction is a necessity in such environments. There are different types of welding, and each of them results in various kinds of hazardous fumes. It can result in some severe health issues, and employers need to take care of their staff.

In this article, you are going to see some of the reasons why fume extraction must be done on a regular basis.

Health Hazards

Not eliminating the fume in your office frequently can actually result in some serious health hazards, and you will be putting your entire workforce in danger. The vapours that produce from the welding job contains- 

  • iron oxide
  • lead oxide
  • manganese oxide
  • chromium(III) compounds
  • nickel and cobalt oxides.
  • magnesium oxide
  • copper oxide
  • aluminium oxide
  • fluoride
  • molybdenum oxide

Each of these gases can cause severe respiratory problems for your staff. 

What If You Inhale The Fine Dust Particles Produced By Welding?

But what does this mean for respiration? When breathing in, welders inhale the hazardous substances through the nose and mouth. They either reach the esophagus or windpipe. They reach the bronchial tubes and the lungs via the windpipe. Welders do inhale tiny particles of dust, metal, and various compounds that are extremely harmful to the human body. Once those hazardous elements get inhaled via the nasal and oral pathways, they end up reaching the lungs and bronchial tubes.

These particles are big in size, but they are capable of penetrating the cells walls of the lung and accumulate in the air sacks; eventually interfering the vital process of oxygen and CO2 exchange between the lungs and blood. Gases and particles generated by the welding job are already known as carcinogens and can trigger lung cancer and other deadly conditions. Therefore, manufacturers need to arrange a fume extraction system in the workplace to eliminate hazardous gases permanently.

There are several benefits of having fume extraction in the workplace.

Healthy Workplace

It is essential to create a healthy environment for your employees, and this will ensure maximum output without losing valuable work hours. Getting a fume extractor should be of utmost priority for your organization if you want the workplace to remain safe for the staffs.

Increased Work Hours And Less Spending On Medical Covers

A healthy working environment means the staffs are healthy, and therefore the employer doesn’t lose on precious working hours. It will, in turn, ensure more productivity, which is great for any manufacturer. A good employer offers medical insurance to their staffs, and if the workers are not healthy due to the harmful working environment, that will translate into further expenses for the company. Installing a fume extraction system will efficiently get rid of dangerous gases, making the workforce to remain in their good health.

Final Words

Having an effective welding fume extraction mechanism will lead to an energetic human resource team who will require less medical leaves without any chronic illness. They will be less prone to sickness and will stay motivated to give their maximum for the company. A healthy employee can indeed be more focused and confident in his job compared to the ones who are worried about their health due to the toxic atmosphere of their workplace. It might seem to be a little expensive to arrange a fume extraction system initially, but considering the factors mentioned here, it’s evident that it will result in more production and healthier employees, which will save money for the employer eventually.