Qure PH: Here’s how to do it without going to the hospital

Keep your health in check: Here’s how to do it without going to the hospital

Qure PH: Here’s how to do it without going to the hospital | By Athena Pabder | A hospital trip these days could be nerve-wracking due to the threat of COVID-19. Adults and children are vulnerable to the virus that already claimed millions of lives worldwide. But there are other diseases you need protection from. If a hospital trip doesn’t appear worthy these days, you should remember to find other ways to keep your health in check.

Here’s how:

 Are your vaccinations up to date?

 Adults and children aged 3 and above need at least one flu shot annually. Pneumonia vaccines and boosters may also provide extra protection during the pandemic.

For children, parents must ensure that all of their kids’ vaccinations are up to date. Ask the child’s pediatrician if he or she allows drive-thru vaccinations or if you could get it from other doctors who offer out-of-hospital procedures. You may check via Qure app if there are doctors in your area who could provide home service or drive-thru vaccinations.

Here’s a good guide from UNICEF on what vaccines your children must complete.

Photo from UNICEF

#1 Look out for health warning signs and teleconsult with a doctor

 Experiencing tension headaches more than usual? Or having a hard time getting sleep for weeks now? These are among health warnings that you may have a brewing or underlying condition. Don’t wait for the symptoms to get worse. You can consult a doctor without leaving your house through teleconsultation with Qure. Use the internet not to find answers on search engines but from talking with real and trusted professionals.

#2 Continue with your quarterly laboratory tests

 At age 35 and above, you ideally need to have your laboratory exams every quarter. Doing so will help you monitor your blood cholesterol and sugar levels and give you a picture of your health status. Thankfully, there is no need to go to the hospital for simple lab exams. Some diagnostic clinics offer these services at the comfort of your home! Find services like these in your area through the Qure app– it’s fast, safe*, and easy.

#3 Minding your mind

You also need to look after your mental wellness. If you’re feeling down or out of your element, and have the urge to see a professional, you can look for help online. Skip the hospital visit and contact a psychiatrist or psychologist through the Qure app, which offers a great directory of specialists you can trust.

Data from online consultations on legitimate platforms like Qure.ph are secured, in accordance with the Philippines’ Data Privacy Act. Doctors on board are also aware of the patient-doctor confidentiality clause.

Downloading Qure.ph is free for Android and Apple users. Reasonable rates on consultation apply, depending on doctor’s specialization.