Qualities of a Good Mentor and Why It Matters to Your Employees Part II


Ann Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles

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Mentors must be eager to learn and develop new skills.

Mentors must accept that their chosen field is still undergoing a process of development and is ever changing. There are always new things to learn. People who feel stuck in the current position and those who do not see growth happening in their career will not be good mentors. Mentors must make their mentees realize that that they should be open to experimenting and learning best practices. Mentees must be research-oriented and must undergo a process of life-long learning. Thus, the need to attend classes or training to further develop the professionals knowledge and skills should be given importance.

Mentors must guide their mentees and must give constructive feedback.

Guidance and constructive feedback is one of the key responsibilities of a good mentor. Mentees must know where they are in the development process.  They have to know what key areas they need to develop. They must know their strengths and weaknesses. They have to know how to capitalize on their strengths and how to recognize and address their weaknesses.

Mentors must be highly respected in all levels of the organization

Mentees look up to their mentors as the perfect example, thus the need for a mentor, who is highly respected by colleagues and employees in all levels of the organization.

Mentors have SMART and ongoing goals

Ideally, a good mentor has specific goals in mind, may it be long-term or short-term, and would want to have achieved a lot by the time he retires.

Mentors are open to the opinion of others

Mentors recognize that they are not know-it-all. They are open to new information (learned by their team members),  suggestions and comments. A mentor must work well in a team environment and is willing to share his/her success.

Mentors must be good motivators and knows how to lead the way

Mentors must be good leaders and must have the ability to convince the team to move forward and go above, through and around obstacles that they encounter.

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