Property in Izmir – why invest in Turkey in 2022

Property in Izmir – why invest in Turkey in 2022
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ExecutiveChronicles — Property in Izmir – why invest in Turkey in 2022

Property in Izmir

Among the major cities of Turkey, such as Ankara, Antalya, Istanbul, and Izmir, the latter is very popular. Such interest in this city is due to several factors, including rising prices of real estate and land in the resort area, affordable areas of activity for start-up entrepreneurs, and a rapidly developing construction sector. To check out apartments for sale in Izmir go over to the Turk.Estate website.

According to experts, the increase in housing prices in Izmir will continue in the coming years and those who manage to invest in residential/commercial properties today may get a high income after the implementation of their projects.

Izmir for life

Among the features of this region of Turkey are:

  1. Izmir is suitable for living and working in various industries.
  2. Due to its rich history of the Middle Ages and a huge number of attractions, it still retains notes of the Hellenistic character, which is a modern city that is in good harmony with the European rhythm and Eastern mentality.
  3. The city annually “acquires” new neighborhoods and villas, which you can buy for investment for profit or personal life if you plan to move to Turkey for permanent residence.
  4. The cost of living in Izmir is lower than in Antalya, Istanbul, where prices are higher for all industrial and food products, including a square meter of living space, including both ownership and rent.
  5. The resort area is constantly filled with bright events, and due to the annual exhibitions and conferences, the tourist season lasts all year round. This makes it possible to master the hotel business or receive a stable income from renting out apartments.
  6. Free education in a secondary school, old-age pension, as well as medical care are available to every foreigner who has received a residence permit or Turkish citizenship.

Why investment house in Izmir is profitable

  • The city is one of the main centers of scientific and technical developments in the Middle East.
  • Thanks to annual exhibitions and international conferences, as well as a rich historical background, the city has a high standard of living.
  • With a population of more than 4 million people, almost 45% are young professionals under the age of 30. 
  • Good links with cross-border countries, as well as double tax treaties with many countries. This allows the investor to pay taxes in only one jurisdiction, without losing profits and remaining a citizen of his country.
  • The city is one of the major port cities, in which there are 4 main and 12 additional berths for export/import of goods to foreign and domestic markets.
  • The investment infrastructure maintains a stable level of development – 13 industrial zones, 4 techno zones, and 2 free economic zones. Recall that in these areas there are benefits for land, customs, utilities, and taxes.
  • The city’s economy is one of the most powerful in Turkey, where the volume of foreign trade is about 17 billion dollars.
  • Developed international business – there are more than 2,000 foreign companies, the number of which is increasing every year.

Real estate in Izmir

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Photo by Şinasi Müldür: