Professional’s Guide to Office Wardrobe and Essentials


by Kyla Camille | |

As much as the workplace has changed—the Internet, flex arrangements, global contacts—what hasn’t changed too much are the standards for professional dress. Most traditional workplaces still have certain requirements for dress, and meetings with clients can demand a particular look, too.

But how can you create a wardrobe that works hard from season to season? Yes, if you know what basics to invest in. Surprisingly, there aren’t too many—but the ones that are recommended are incredibly versatile.

No matter what essential elements you choose for your closet, there are certain dress-right rules you should follow in order to look your best. Looking your best also includes eliminating wrinkles. That’s an especially difficult task sometimes when you’re traveling, but there are ways to work around your at-home, wrinkle-free equipment.

Dressing well and dressing right for work helps you command new situations routine get-togethers. This fun and informative graphic shows you how—from top to bottom.

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Office Wardrobe Essentials

Office Wardrobe Essentials to Look Great (and Professional) Every Season
Infographic by Quill