Productivity tip: Save and Use your Energy Wisely

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MJ Gonzales │

Of all the essential tips about productivity, time and energy are possibly the most important.  However it seems that energy is the least priority when in fact it’s possibly the only key to work efficiently. Do you agree? How come using your energy intelligently is your ticket to become calm, efficient, and productive?

Energy sets mood and time

Time is gold so busy people push themselves beyond their limits. You will never know your abilities and capabilities unless you take challenge that most likely involve time. However, it still depend on the tasks you take. Are they relevant to your priorities?  Even if you look busy or in multitasking phase already, if you don’t accomplish your end goals that’s not productive.

Furthermore, overwhelming loads eat you energy so in the end you feel exhausted and not in the mood so it’s even harder for you to keep up with the time.

Be careful with Energy Drainer Things and Persons

CreditL Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Unfortunately there are common people and things that are subliminally drain your energy. According to Mind Body Green’s article, persons like your friends, family and teachers could be energy vampires too. It’s not that they intentionally pull you down, but because of their behaviors that may drain your energy when you talk with them  Thus,  to fully charge your mental and emotional energy stay away from blamers, bullies, guilt trippers,  “jealous bees,” “insecure ones,”  “fun haters,” “whiners,” “short-tempers, the gossipers,” and the drama queens.

Use technology to save energy

What is the essence of technology such as smartphones and mobile internet?  Utilize them to your advantage and quest for productivity. If you can do and too busy, do video calls on Skype instead of having a coffee meeting. You can even send hard copy of your important files without leaving your office building through eCommerce shipping and courier companies.