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Despite the blustery weather that day and running late to our one-on-one interview with PMCM Events Management CEO and Founder, and Its MysSpace Radio Show (DZME) DJ, Ms Mys Sandico, she still managed to welcome us with her warm smile and enthusiasm.

Who is Mys Sandico?

Her journey in the events management started when she was still working as a Senior Marketing Assistant at the TGP Dubai Arab Emirates for two years. She was then inspired by the big companies participating in exhibitions in The World Trade Center and dreamed of having her own events management company in the Philippines someday.

In 2010, she and her husband decided to come home but with a different purpose, putting up their own business. But since it’s not what she really want to do, after four years, she finally put up her own event’s management company.


From a beginner to expert

Ms Mys would always recall how she started her company from corporate giveaways to weddings to birthdays. That there are times, she almost gives up. But she remembers what God wants her to believe:

“Don’t quit, I will provide everything for you. Just do what you have to do.”

And yes, through God’s grace and trusted clients, she was able to make her stint in the events management industry.

Ms Mys believes that the most powerful advertising is through the word of mouth, the power of referral. That is why every time she meet new client she make sure to build relationship with them. Build the trust.

When you start on something you have to make sure to finish it with quality.”

Quality over Quantity

When asked if she considers herself successful already, she quipped that success is being able to do what you love to do, and is not about money. “Being able to do what you want to do and enjoy doing it and having friends who really trust you.” That is why she makes sure to meet clients’ satisfaction. And for her, it’s very rewarding whenever her client would approach and congratulate her for a job well done after the event.

“Meeting client’s satisfaction is something that money can’t buy.”

Biggest Sacrifice

In 2016, according to job site CareerCast, event management ranked 5th most stressful job. CareerCast explained the high ranking of a job in events to be down to ‘reconciling a client’s vision with a successful end-result’. It added that ‘Bringing together ideas and turning them into a functioning, large-scale event takes an unflappable professional’ can really be stressful.

But despite all the stress, hard learned lesson, what keeps her all fuelled is her family. That is why when asked about her biggest sacrifice, Ms Mys, suddenly meltdown as she remembers how her kids misses her a lot whenever she have big events to attend. She recall one time, when her daughter/princess/bestfriend Moira prepared their playtime when she comes home after the event.

As the interviewer, while looking into her eyes, I can feel the pain whenever she needs to sacrifice her family time.

“My kids are my inspiration. They are the energy that keeps me fuelling. My dream is to see them go to good school.”

And probably that’s also the reason why her team sees her as their second mother. She treats her team as her second family. That she never forgets to apologize whenever she has mistakes. She believes on her team’s capabilities.

On being the CEO

“Not because you’re the CEO means you know everything, you must know how to listen to suggestions of other. Not because you’re the CEO you are entitled to say all your opinions, be humble to admit your mistake and learn to say sorry.”


For Ms Mys, on becoming as successful CEO there are three words that you must remember: Passion – you have to be passionate on what you do, Relationship – you must build a good relationship with your clients, and last, Humility – stay humble and grounded.

Her reputation in the event industry can attest her excellence. Her hard work to put PMCM Events Management to where it is now and her dream of having her own event’s place on their 10th-year anniversary was once her dream and now a reality.

If given a chance to change her career path, she gave me a grin, and uttered, “Event’s management pa rin”.

“Know who you are. Who you are will define who you will be in the future.” these were her last words. Success is a trial and error journey. If you know your brand, you will be able to master that one skill. She also added to never copy others’ core value, what works with them will definitely not work with you.

“Make your own history and legacy.”

Yes, she might be smiling and easy going whenever you see her during events but after the interview, I got the chance to get a glimpse of her life outside this industry and I think she deserve my highest respect.

Currently, Ms Mys is working on her own book about empowering entrepreneurs to share her knowledge and experience as a CEO for six years.

If you wish to receive her downloadable version of Ms Mys Sandico’s book, please email her at      


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