What to Prepare if You are Staying in a Beach Hotel

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    The summer months are just around the corner and you are probably thinking of where you will be spending your summer break. If you are planning to go to Boracay, make sure that you pack these essentials because there is a big chance that you will be staying in a beach hotel:


    1. Your own toiletries 

    While your hotel or resort may provide soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other basic hygiene products during your stay, you should play it safe and bring your own set. The freebies may not be compatible with your skin and there are hotels that provide only a limited amount of toiletries per day so it prepare and bring your own stash.


    1. Spare phone with credits

    You never leave home without your smartphone, especially during your vacation because you will be taking a lot of pictures and videos. You should also consider bringing an inexpensive spare phone with solid battery life. This will come in handy in case your smartphone runs out of battery or if it gets lost or stolen. Choose a spare phone that is small enough to fit in your purse so that you can take it anywhere with you.


    1. Plastic bags 

    Always bring plastic bags if you know you will be spending most of your time in a beach hotel. You can use it for storing dirty clothes, packing stuff with liquid to avoid leaks and spillage, and packing toiletries. Keep in mind that not all hotels can provide you with plastic bags on short notice.


    1. Baby wipes

    This is an indispensable item for travelers, especially for the ladies. When you are going around, you will discover that not all public restrooms provide tissue paper. Bringing your own baby wipes can make you confident to use whatever bathroom that comes your way. Wipes also come in handy during those times when it is not possible to take a shower.


    1. Power banks

    Having power banks will ensure that you will be able to take those memorable photos and videos any time you want. It’s best to fully charge your gadgets before heading out the beach. Staying at hotels which has guaranteed power supply 24/7 can make sure that your gadgets will stay charged during your vacation.



    1. Sunscreen and mosquito repellant

    There are many travelers who forget to include skin protection items in their must pack list. Do your skin a favor and always bring sunscreen. If you’re going to a tropical destination like Boracay, it’s best to include a mosquito repellant as well.


    1. Belt bag

    A regular belt bag has enough room for essential stuff like phone, cash and hotel room keys.


    1. Extra snacks

    Ordering food at the hotel an be expensive so it’s handy to have your own snack stash in your bag. Don’t limit yourself to junk food and pack healthy food items like nuts and fruits.


    1. A nice dress 

    Enjoying the night in Boracay means you have to dress up and look nice for pictures. A short dress made of light material should be good enough for those party nights you will spend at the island. A pair of jeweled flip flops will complement your dress perfectly.


    1. Flip-flops

    Many people often forget to pack a pair of slippers in their travel bags and end up buying flip-flops at the hotel or travel shops at the island which end up being more expensive. Make sure to pack a durable pair to take with you anywhere you go.