Pregnancy Time : From Blues To Bliss – Try These Tips and Recipes

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Verni Marcial, Executive Chronicles |  Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. The experience of carrying a baby is incomparable. A woman loves to share and talk about his ‘soon- to- be- born bundle of joy’ endlessly.

Afterall, it’s a beginning of a new chapter in her life so why not cherish every moment.

But there can be certain days when the soon- to- be- mom feels unhappy and gloomy.

Surprisingly, this feeling is perfectly normal and is experienced by nearly 10% of pregnant women worldwide.

Sadly, many women don’t even share such feelings with their family or doctors. Caretakers and family members must make it a point to cheer them up during this phase. Staying happy throughout the pregnancy period is very important both for the mother and baby.

  1. Expecting moms should be proactive too. They should frequently communicate with their friends & loved ones to feel better and not let the blues bring them down.
  1. Staying busy and doing activities like painting, gardening or whatever of interest, make a huge difference in keeping depression at bay. This also releases feel-good hormones in the body.
  1. Going for some retail therapy or a walk in the park and even a quiet stroll near the lake, can be highly relaxing and rejuvenating. Remember there is no set time when the depression bug gets the better of you.
  1. Nature gazing and having a daily dose of fresh air has its own advantage on psychological wellness.  A healthy mind is the key to physical wellbeing. Isn’t it?
  1. It’s a well known fact that good food cuts bad mood. A delicious meal or a tasty recipe is enough to lift you up on tough days.

A little bit of indulgence in what you love and like to eat is never bad.  Forget you are going through a difficult phase. Pregnancy time is just like any other time to enjoy food.  Be smart and gorge on healthy superfoods during pregnancy.

See this beautiful infographic on some delectable recipes. Not just they are healthy but they are sure to dash off your mood swings during those critical nine months –