3 Practices that Stop your Career Growth


By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

It is impossible that no employees or professional ever dream of growth in their careers. Maybe there vague differences in the term “growth,” but definitely it something everyone is desiring to achieve. However, why despite of the many chances that come and still available opportunities, their career growth is like a faraway destination.  Here are the three possible practices that actually stop them to achieve it:

Just comparing what others’ have that you don’t.  Checking Facebook or Instagram alone is harmless, but when a person starts to feel something bad that’s a problem. It’s same with in working in the office with many employees. It is understandable that these workers aim to serve the company, despite of their unique backgrounds and personalities.  Thus, it’s almost surprising when some of them start to compare themselves to others for no valid reasons.

Don’t follow them as most likely they focus on what others’ have that they don’t have. Believe in your individuality, the skills you acquired, and your natural talents instead.   Comparing will only bring you negative ideas that affect you to dream clearly and wisely.

Depend on others’ approval. The bad news is no matter what you do, there are persons who always have opinions against you. Instead of giving importance to what majority’s noise err ideas, zoom in your attention to what you can learn, things you enjoy, and career enhancing activities you want to experience.  If you keep on collecting likes or approval on what you, you actually putting your success on their hands.

If you want worthy opinions that can help you to see clearly of you’re doing right;   go straight to your supervisor, mentors, and experts.  It’s good to receive few uplifting and quality recognitions, than hundreds of subjective and inappropriate likes.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Being plainly ambitious.  Aspirations are great motivators, but thinking you’ll get your dreams without taking rightful steps is like you’re plainly ambitious. Though some lucky ones get what they desire whenever they want it, sadly you’re not someone like them at least for now.

Experience is the best teacher especially in career growth. It will enrich your knowledge, endurance, humility, and drive. You will not become who you are today, if not because of your past experiences. Thus, you will not become who you want in the future, if you don’t work it out today.